Friday, August 18, 2006

The New York Sun:

I have always said if you’re going to buy a paper to get local news, your only choice should be the New York Sun. The Sun cuts out all the fat choosing to focus on what actually shapes politics, business and life in this city compared to the tabloids who want to sell junk and celebrity gossip. The only knock on the Sun could be that they don’t have a huge sports section, sports section yes, huge no. However if you’re that much into sports you’re probably getting your info from better sources like the Internet.

I bring up the Sun because today I made my daily stop at the newsstand in the Met Life building attached to Grand Central to purchase my copy. Thy guy behind the counter knowing exactly what I’m going to grab told me:

“The New York Sun is a good paper”. “We’re selling more and more everyday”.

I’m definitely happy to hear New Yorkers are catching on. Now if we can only get them to throw out their New York Times for the Financial Times.

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