Thursday, September 14, 2006

Follow the money:

Everybody has an opinion about whether or not Republicans will hold the House, Senate or both. Democrats say Republicans are going down in flames and Republicans say Washington is still theirs.

I on the other hand like to put my own biases aside and listen to people who care less about who wins and more about how much money they can make off it.

What I’m referring too is the international trading system that lets you bet on everything from who’s going to win the Super Bowl to the weather.

I’ve been following these guys ever since the Economist turned me onto them several years ago and they have been dead on accurate. In 2004 when everyone was sweating about Bush losing the odds maker always had him winning.

So what is the current smart money doing?

When it comes to whether or not Republicans will hold the Senate, Trade Sports, has the contract trading at 84. That means that there is an 84% chance of Republicans holding the Senate and when Trade Sports has something at 84 it’s a pretty done deal.

The House though is where Republicans should worry. The current contract is currently sitting at 51-54, which means it can go either way right now.

As we get closer to November the House line will change and where it changes too will more then likely give you the answer to today’s hot political debate.

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