Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Is this guy still talking?

The economy questions have been thrown at Spitzer and frankly he lost me at hello.

I think his strategy is to just keep talking and hope people fall asleep, so he can sneak out the back door.

What’s amazing is that both Faso and Suozzi both gave ideas on how to address the economy where Spitzer just keeps restating the question telling viewers what the problem is but not giving his solution.

Are people of this state kidding me!!!! I would have more respect for Democrats if they nominated Suozzi and he became Governor then elect this statue.

Oh wait he just said he would “raise the minimum wage”. Someone buy this guy an economics text book because everyone includes case study’s that show minimum wage loses jobs not make them.

Excuse me King Spitzer? You may have been out of school that day but prices are a reflection of wages not the other way around and raising the minimum wage will just mean that prices will go up to reflect it, putting those people right back where they started. All while making people lose their job.

Great first plan Eliot!

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