Sunday, September 03, 2006

But Iraq has nothing to do with the war on terror:

This morning the Iraqi government announced that it has captured the second most senior al-Qaida figure in Iraq, Hamed Jumaa Farid al-Saeedi.

Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003:

We destroyed a terrorist camp in northern Iraq run by Ansar al-islam, which as reported in the 9/11 Report, proved to be connected to Bin Laden.

We arrested Abu Abbas in Baghdad, the mastermind behind the hijacking of the Achille Lauro. Wonder what that guy was doing there since Saddam didn’t harbor terrorists.

We killed al-Zarqawi in Iraq who was the head of al-Qaida in the country and now captured the number 2 guy.

Al-Qaida in Iraq? If Iraq was insignificant for the war on terror then why is al-Qaida wasting so much time, money and men on keeping Iraq unstable? Since 2003 Al-Qaida has been telling Americans Iraq is a major part of the war on terror, it’s about time Americans start to listen.

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