Thursday, November 02, 2006

Did he say terrorist?

While traveling in France, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani pleaded that U.S. troops remain in Iraq to fight what he calls are “international terrorists” who were using Iraq as the frontline battle against the U.S.

This is what President Bush and Think Tanks know that Democrats continue to ignore for political gain. Whether they were there before or not, a frontline has been created and the outcome can affect the world for decades.

If the Ned Lamonts get their way and pull troops out of Iraq before the terrorists can be defeated we will be handing Al-Qeada the propaganda they need to recruit and move the front line westward. History has already proven this to be correct. Anyone that has paid attention to the history of Al-Qeada or even just read the 9/11 report knows that when President Clinton pulled and ran from Mogadishu, Bin Laden used it as propaganda to recruit new members and to show them that America the Satan can be defeated, nor has the stomach for a long fight.

The reality is we can follow the recommendation of Talabani and stay and finish the job so we don’t have to do it again later or we can follow the recommendation of Democrats and leave, leaving Iraq to become the new Mogadishu.

An additional story today that reported forces seized donkeys carrying high-powered explosives from Iran into Iraq, show this battle is not just a fight against terrorism but that it's also a proxy war against Iran. Leaving will only make our enemies convinced America can be defeated.

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