Thursday, November 02, 2006

I’m going to actually enjoy seeing Spitzer as Governor:

Even though he hasn’t officially won, I’m getting that tingle that you get a few days before Christmas staring at the presents under the tree. You know what’s in the big box but you just can’t wait until you can open and enjoy it. Now Democrat’s in New York are getting that same feeling, mine is for a different reason.

I’m going to enjoy as Spitzer scrambles to find a way to pay for everything he’s promised especially as New York’s tax receipts will start to slow as the economy tops. Spitzer is going to have to either go back on his spending plans or raise taxes.

I’m going to enjoy as his “reform” pledge amounts to nothing except maybe a timely bloated budget and Silver getting the boot.

I’m going to watch upstate New York see no improvement.

The best though will be watching New York States real-estate market tumble. New Yorkers will see the value of their homes decline, making them angry with no one to blame but Eliot.

It’s going to be fun times by all.

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