Friday, November 03, 2006

Envy of the World:

This morning the labor department announced that the U.S. added an additional 92,000 jobs in the month of October and raised the number of jobs created in August and September. Additionally the unemployment rate fell to 4.4%.

As I look across the Atlantic and see a country like Germany doing cartwheels that their unemployment rate has finally fallen below 10%, I can’t believe that people in this country are still complaining.

What the Bush administration has done with this economy in the last five years despite 9/11, the crash of the Internet market and Hurricane Katrina is amazing and is directly related to his tax cuts and other policies like enticing companies to repatriate money back to the U.S. and getting them to purchase new equipment by allowing them to accelerate its depreciation.

As we head into Tuesday’s election I wonder if Americans will continue to act like the spoiled child who ignores the overflowing toy box in the house to cry they want more or look to at our peers like France and Germany to see just how good we’re doing.

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