Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We must not run this time:

We’re currently at a point where no matter what President Bush says about the war in Iraq, Democrats are going to disagree. For Democrats the strategy has worked well as today’s American society with its need for immediate gratification have completely forgotten any history they might know and shifted support to the Democrats.

While Democrats have been telling the American public that there is no “global war on terror” the Horn of Africa has been under siege by Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is not new to Somalia as it was the place Osama bin Laden first tested the American government and its people. Many might recall Bill Clinton’s decision to send troops to Somali in 1993 under the disguise of a humanitarian mission. Bin Laden sent in his fighters to battle it out, which created the now famous “Black Hawk Down” event. Bill Clinton, not willing to tell the American people the truth about Al-Qaeda or deal with a war, quickly pulled out our forces.

Since then Al-Qaeda has been building a presence in the Horn and until recently came very close to taking over the whole country. Today the battle in Somalia still rages on with just yesterday American forces using air attacks against Al-Qaeda operatives in the southern part of the country.

In an article in today’s FT reporting yesterday’s attack, they discuss the origins of Al-Qaeda in Somalia and its use as a base to launch the embassy attacks in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Kenya. It also repeats what Bin Laden himself has said, which can also be found in the 9/11 report, that:

“it was the battle of Mogadishu that led him to believe the Americans lacked the stomach for war. More deadly attacks in east Africa followed.”

We know what followed after the attacks in east Africa, 9/11.

Based on Al-Qeada’s history should there be any doubt that a withdrawal from Iraq will not be viewed as “Americans lacking the stomach for war”?

Tonight during President Bush’s speech to the country I would like him to tell this story above and point out these facts, telling the American people that this time it’s imperative to hold the line.

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