Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What about the parents?

The City Council has released its report on nightlife in the City titled, “Safer Nights, Safer City”. The report’s aim is to come up with recommendations on how to improve the safety of club goers after a number of fatal incidents. The Council’s ideas include everything from ID scanners and surveillance cameras (the ACLU must love that one) to shutting down clubs that have multiple offenses.

The problem I have with the report is once again our representatives fail to hold parents with any accountability. It was only a couple days ago when I discussed how the City refuses to call parents out on the failings of the city’s public schools and now the City Council has followed with not a peep about the role parents should be playing when it comes to their 18 year-olds club hoping in the city. In the Council’s report they start by showing examples of recent tragedies on the club scene, all included underage drinking.

Besides attacking nightclubs and spending more taxpayer’s dollars on a bigger police presence, Christine Quinn and the gang should tell the parents of this city to get their crap together and start being a parent. Without a joint effort between clubs making sure patrons are of proper age and parents making sure they know what their children are doing, the problem is not going to go away.

For once I would like to see at least one elected official stand up and tell the parents of these kids that they're the problem not the city or schools.

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