Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Connie Mack calls out Joe "Hugo" Kennedy

Florida Rep. Connie Mack challenged Chavez lackey Joe Kennedy to a debate over Kennedy's stumping for Citgo's discount oil program.

I posted about Kennedy's antics last week regarding his appearance in TV commercials talking up "our friends in Venezuela at Citgo" and praising Chavez's plan to offer discount heating oil to poor Americans.

Chavez's intent, as I stated, is to drive a wedge between Americans on this issue and embarrass the Bush administration. He does not care one wit about America's poor. Kennedy and his comrades think that Chavez has only the best of intentions at heart. Well, if that be the case, then he should defend his actions by debating Congressman Mack.

And if you believe Kennedy is right in what he is doing, then send him an email at Encourage him to take on Mack's challenge. Let's get this conversation out in the open and let Kennedy explain his actions.

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