Monday, December 22, 2008

Obama's Blagojevich Report

President-elect Obama's team released its report on staff contacts with Rod Blagojevich today. And just three days before Christmas, too.

Gee, do you think this might get swallowed up in the holiday hubbub? Yes, rest assured it was planned that way. It's also no coincidence that Obama is as far away as he can possibly be and still be on American soil (in Hawaii, spending the holidays with family, as opposed to spending the holidays in Chicago with family).

In any case, Obama's report indicates that there was no deal with Blagojevich over filling the president-elect's Senate seat. Well, did you expect anything else?

I'm not saying that the report is a wash. But it is annoying when you have members of the media like selectively intrepid ABC News man George Stephanopoulos swallowing whole the report without choosing to follow up with some good old fashioned journalism of their own.

Apparently Obama's report is good enough. After all, if The One says nothing was done wrong, then nothing was done wrong.

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