Monday, January 05, 2009

The Fate of Blago's Senate Pick

What will become of Roland Burris, the 71-year-old former attorney general who was picked by Governor Rod Friggin' Blagojevich to fill the vacant Illinois Senate seat?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seems to be on both sides of the issue, sticking to his vow to block any nominee that Blagojevich puts up, but then signaling he might be willing to make a deal.

Senate Democrats may or may not have the power to block a potential Senator from joining the chamber. Both Reid and Blago are absolutely convinced beyond a doubt that the law is on their side. (In a broader world, that's a pretty sad statement to have to make.)

Either way, there is no "deal" to be made, as Reid suggests. Either he has the power to block Burris or he doesn't. The fact that he has suggested something can be worked out indicates that Reid recognizes he is on weaker ground than Blagojevich. Blagojevich hasn't blinked this whole time. And Reid just did. So who do you think is going to get their way here?

Kudos to the Chicago Tribune though. Theirs is probably the only voice in the nation still calling for a special election as the only honorable way out of this mess.

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