Monday, January 05, 2009

Memo to Israel: Don't Quit Now

After several days of All-Gaza-All-the-Time coverage on the news, it seems as if the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are willing and capable of proceeding as far into their operation as necessary to smash Hamas beyond repair.

I'm comforted that European diplomatic "pressure" to urge a ceasefire will not persuade the Israelis to halt or suspend the offensive. Israel and sensible Americans are well aware that Europe barely has the stones to defend itself, so it's so-called condemnation of Israel means little. It's hard to take the left seriously when its legions of morally equivalent hacks are nowhere to be found when it is Israelis or Americans who are the target of rockets and terrorist attacks.

Hopefully the U.S. won't try to push a cease-fire before the job is done. If there is to be a road to peace in the Middle East, obstacles like Hamas have to be completely removed to provide a smoother ride.

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