Monday, March 23, 2009

AP covers Monserrate indictment, omits his party affiliation

As if you needed more proof of the liberal media bias and death of journalism, check out this AP article, where the Associated Press covers the indictment of Queens state senator Hiram Monserrate, and omits one key piece of information - his party affiliation.

Hiram Monserrate is a Democrat. If he was an indicted Republican, the AP and every other member of the "drive-by" liberal media would gleefully include that fact. What did Hiram do? On December 19, Hiram slashed his girlfriend's face with broken glass, and the gash over her eye required 25 stitches. Of course, Hiram claimed his innocence, just like every guilty criminal. He said it was an accident, like the stabber whose defense is "she walked into my knife."

Again, if Hiram was a Republican, that fact would be in the story. But the drive-by liberal media doesn't report the news anymore. They report whatever will advance their cause. Journalism is dead. Journalism is now pure propaganda.

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