Thursday, March 12, 2009

Freeman Blames the Jews for Failed Intelligence Nomination

Charles Freeman, who had been nominated to run President Obama's National Intelligence Council, withdrew his nomination this week in the face of growing criticism over his background. Freeman's nomination became increasingly in doubt after it became known that he was an apologist of the Tiananmen Square Massacre and someone who has questionable ties to the Chinese, and even more questionable views on Israel and the Middle East.

Rather than accept his fate as the tide turned against him, Freeman decided to fall back on an old, tired, and rather shameful excuse: he was the victim of the pro-Israel lobby - that Illuminati-like mystery cabal that supposedly holds sway over America's foreign policy.

Did Israelis lobby against Freeman? Frankly, I think that's beside the point. What gets me is that, rather than accepting his fate and taking it like a man, Freeman chose to ignore his own shortcomings and blame a nameless, faceless group.

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