Monday, March 16, 2009

Beware Fairness Doctrine II

The Democrats recognized early that reinstalling the Fairness Doctrine was a non-starter with the American public at large. After all, how do you convince people that all political views aren't being expressed in the public square when pretty much everyone has access to 500 television channels, 1,000 satellite radio stations, 4-6 million blogs, and some 10-15 million Web sites.

Of course, the real reason behind the liberal love affair with the Doctrine is to break the hold conservatives have on talk radio. They couldn't do it through commerce. Remember that farce known as Air America radio?

So now those wily donkeys have come up with something new: the Durbin Doctrine. This new and improved Fairness Doctrine means to "promote diversity in communication media ownership." This is a delightfully nebulous way of saying that the Democrats in Congress will repeal and redistribute broadcast licenses at will in order to push like-minded programming that will drown out opposing views.

Stalin would be so proud.

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