Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Open Letter to all YRs -- Bloomberg and the Republican Party Line

Dear Fellow YRs,
There's been much talk lately about the YRs and whether or not we're endorsing the idea of Mayor Mike Bloomberg running as a Republican. A couple of our sister clubs are against the idea. Specifically, the Brooklyn and Bronx YRs have come out against Bloomberg, asking their County Chairman to "Say No!" Brooklyn Chairman Craig Eaton held a meeting last week where Brooklyn's GOP endorsed Bloomberg.

Here in Manhattan, the NY County Republican Party has made the sound decision to honor the process by allowing the Committee Officers and District Leaders to screen any and all candidates for office. These actions of recognition and respect for the individuals that make up the backbone and the grassroots operation of Manhattan's GOP are just a few reasons why we have the largest and most active YR Club in the Country.

The NYYRC, Inc. will abide by our governing documents and not endorse any candidates until the Primary Election has concluded. We are an organization with an extremely large constituency and as Republicans we believe in individual freedoms and liberties, i.e. the NYYRC Executive Board WILL NOT tell our members how to think and which candidates to support. Again, we have binding documents that we will abide by. We have and will continue to encourage our members to get involved in any campaigns that they support. We will NOT alienate our members, but disseminate information and support their choices.

I hope this clears up any confusion that folks out there have. We here at the NYYRC are about open and frank discussions, because the best ideas always perculate to the top. That's why we're Republicans!

Lynn Krogh
NYYRC - President

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