Sunday, March 08, 2009

Is Rush Bad For The Republican Party?

Newsweek has released this week's cover story by David Frum entitled "Why Rush is Wrong." It is an interesting take on the central figure of the conservative movement in America, but doesn't completely understand Rush's message.

David Frum is one of main critics of conservatives who want to return the Republican Party to the policies of Ronald Reagan. He believes that the party needs to retire its fascination with tax cuts and come up with real world solutions for health care and the environment. He also believes that they need to tone down criticism of abortion and gay rights by becoming more socially moderate. His evidence shows that Republicans are slipping in states that they used to own like California and are not receiving a majority of the youth or college-educated vote. «Read More»

However...this problem was not caused by Rush Limbaugh. The Republican Party lost the youth vote because it lost its ability to communicate its message to younger voters. The party was totally vacant from Social Networks and Text Messaging and continues to have no role in popular culture (unless you consider it's portrayal of Sarah Palin as a demon that must be destroyed). If your message is not where young people spend their time, then how can you expect them to vote for you?

The GOP lost the college-educated vote because it didn't present a consistent alternative to the big government policies being presented by the Democrats. Also...don't forget that the candidate who made the best case for tax cuts during the election was Obama...and not McCain. When the GOP loses the tax cuts argument, how can you expect them to receive college educated voters? Who wouldn't vote for a man who told them if they make less than $250,000 a year they would receive a tax cut? All McCain offered was more of the same from President Bush's President Obama said. People wanted change and the GOP didn't deliver.

The principles espoused by Rush Limbaugh every Monday-Friday are the tenets of conservatism that must not waiver under any attack from any group. He believes in personal responsibility and individual liberty. He believes that all Americans should be able to accumulate wealth and create opportunities for themselves without government interference. Rush believes in a strong national defense to maintain our way of life and social policies that protect all human life.

Although Rush may come across as a little too "In Your Face" for intellectuals...he connects with everyday voters better than Mr. Frum or any other "conservative" stooges that Academia and the Media love. He is one of us. He loves America and the freedom that it provides. If the central tenets of America are so wrong, why do thousands of people put their lives on the line every year to reach its borders illegally.

The GOP was going to same sort of division when Gerald Ford lost reelection to Jimmy Carter in 1977. Ronald Reagan's speech at CPAC in 1976 reminded conservatives to stick to their principles and unite around a common message. A week ago at CPAC, Rush Limbaugh gave all of us a similar message. We conservatives must come together under the principles espoused by Rush Limbaugh and other prominent conservatives and find a leader who will fight for us. Infighting is very common amongst a group of people and it is nothing to be ashamed about. From this ideological battle we will come out stronger than before and be united as one to defeat President Obama, the Democrats, and their ideas for America. Yes we HOPE HE FAILS...and we win. Isn't that the point of having two parties?

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