Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Preview

Below are links from around the web of articles relating to Tax Day Tea Parties being held today:

Washington Independent: Tea Party Activists: Tax Day Events Will Attract 'Silent Majority'

  • Good article explaining the tension among conservatives, libertarians, and mainstream Republicans heading into today's tea parties. Many of those who began the tea party movement are afraid their message is being jeopardized by mainstream Republicans who supported the huge spending of former President George W. Bush.
Fox News: Tea Party Protesters Gird For Possible Liberal Backlash
  • Article addresses the fear of Acorn and other liberal groups coming to tea parties looking to make trouble with the protesters.
Wall Street Journal: Tax Day Becomes Protest Day
  • The opinion piece by Glenn Reynolds on Instapundit explains that the tea party movement could be a source of strength for the GOP in 2010 and 2012 as it is helping to revitalize the grassroots. He also makes the case that technology helped organize the movement through Facebook and other social media with no assistance from political parties or traditional political organizers.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Two Differing Views on the Tea Parties
  • Are the tea parties showing a revival of the conservative grassroots and their new found use of social media, or just an event that has grown from the promotion it has been given by Fox News?

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