Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trashing the Latest and Greatest

It doesn’t seem to occur to Libs, or the modern Democrat Party for that matter, that they are taking applied politics’ latest breakthrough and smashing it to smithereens before our very eyes. Bit by bit, piece by piece, they are working to dismantle a constitutional democracy with a healthy respect for private property and a (generally) sober temper; one that has nurtured capitalism, good will among men, and a maintained a real reverence for tradition and the Almighty. And yet the Party guts our moral and legal undergirding without seeming concern, all while approaching foreign policy like sandbox play.

We’ve worked hard to keep our private property rights in tact over the generations. They survived the New Deal, though barely, and have weathered the environmental movement well so far. It took a financial crisis – created by government - and a frenzied party, drunk with the power they’ve pined for so long, to put banks, car companies, insurance companies, home mortgages, and likely soon healthcare and newspapers in the hands of politicians. Into full socialism we gallop under a banner of Hope and Change.

If you ask the Democrats, they might call this progress. But it certainly isn’t progress by historical standards. Limited government that secures rights of conscience for all individuals is undoubtedly the latest and greatest technology in governance. It fosters free thought, and provides plenty for those willing to work. Socialism in any form, naked or cloaked, necessarily translates to servitude. Furthermore, subservience to a violent power, in this case the state, is as old as humanity. (Question: What happens in a real crisis scenario, such as a terrorist attack or a currency crisis? What does a society do after it destroyed so many rights during the lead up?)

The Democrat Party might use our words, talk to our traditions, or even praise the private sector to steal some gullible voters. Regardless of these self-serving habits, they are speaking of foreign ideas that America literally was born rejecting. It is our responsibility to counter them, expose their real motives, and create a genuine American alternative.

(Oh, as much as I like him, does anyone else feel unnerved by the fact that our political leader of the moment is Dick Cheney?)

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