Thursday, May 14, 2009

Government Still Manages to Win in Recession

The Heritage Foundation's Morning Bell took note of this interesting information today:

[t]he Department of Labor reported that employers shed a net 539,000 jobs in the month of April, bringing the nation’s unemployment rate to 8.9%. The manufacturing sector lost 149,000 jobs, business services lost 122,000 jobs, and construction lost 110,000 jobs. All told, the private sector lost 611,000 jobs. So how was the total job loss only 539,000? Because one sector of the economy has proven impervious to economic realities: the public sector. Government actually added 72,000 jobs.

Driven by the powerful public sector unions, the federal government made sure to steer vast amounts of the stimulus funds to states and municipalities who used the money to hire more government workers.

The larger government gets, the more your freedom shrinks. That's not just a cool saying. That is fact. I dare you to disprove it.

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