Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Early Morning Election Day Thoughts

Well as I always do on Election Day I went to my local polling station and voted early in the morning before I headed to work. The most shocking thing was that as I checked in at 8:00 am I was the 10th person in my district (58th) to vote. 10th!! An hour and a half into voting and I was only number 10!

If what appears to be happening in my station takes place across the rest of the city, Republicans have a good chance of stealing some seats in the council particularly Patrick, Joel and Russo. There is no doubt that both Democrats and Republicans will both stay home thinking Bloomberg has it in the bag but I think Democrats will stay home more. I will venture to guess in these situations when the result is basically known Republicans will come out more to vote for the sake of knowing it’s our patriotic duty giving us an edge in all the other races.

I still can’t believe I was only number 10!

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