Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quality of Reporting

By now, I am sure that many of you have read the swan song article by Jessica Bruder in the Observer. Talking about going out on a high note; writing about the NYYRC, Inc. "Feud". I am curious what she does for an encore.

First of all, the article was clearly one-sided with person after person quoted who could not be further in the Hornak sycophantic corner. For purposes of full disclosure, she did contact me over the Holiday Weekend, but when I called her back on Tuesday, she had already submitted it. That being said, where was the reach out to County or State Committee's? Where was the reach out to the various candidates that we help? Where was the reach out to other political bodies that we have developed strong relationships with? There was none of that. The article took things at Robert's words and was shoddy at best.

Secondly, I am sick of this Robert as the victim nonsense. All of us know that the Host Committee for the Convention took everyone and anyone who wanted to volunteer. Unless there was some legal or mental issue with an individual, they took you. Furthermore, its not like the work many of us did for the Convention was glamorous. I don't recall too many YR's sipping drinks in the sky boxes during the Convention.

Also, we put together quality events for YR's who could and could not help out at the Convention with speakers such as Rep. Bob Barr and Amb. Jean Kirkpatrick. Noone outside of the YR's helped us with that. Its not our fault the best they could come up with is a pub in Brooklyn. Maybe they should be more focused on their club activities than sitting around whining about not get hand outs.

Thirdly, we get little to nothing from the State Party. Direction? Marching Orders? Give me a break. If any organization is Borg-like in its construct its Hornak's crew. Isn't Paul the President, but Robert speaks all the time. When will he give up the reigns? He has his club only endorse candidates that Robert gets a salary from. I can't seem to recall his people helping many to any people this last cycle. I also don't seem to recall them flooding the streets with volunteers for those who has hired him. And to make matters more interesting, they seem not to have a problem endorsing Democrats. Some GOP activist group I guess. This does not even begin to mention the questionable legal situations Robert's activity is with State and Federal Election law, but I digress.

At the end of the day, we have a reporter who has written an article about nonsense and taken them at their word while doing little to research our side. His 500 members (a lie and what little they do have are over 40), his activism (endorsing employers and even Democrats) and their quality are all questionable at best and a bit of research would display that. Once again, Robert plays the victim where there are no crimes because he has nothing else better to do.

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