Friday, August 18, 2006

The Faso Offensive:

Give it to John Faso. Knowing his war against Elliot Spitzer is not going to come easy, John Faso has been on one hell of an offensive.

It seems everyday Faso has another release attacking Elliot Spitzer. A visit to John Faso’s website will give you a treasure-trove of challenges to Elliot Spitzer and actual ideas on how John would handle the State’s problems.

In John’s latest strike he put out a release attacking Spitzer’s PR stunt at the expense of the New York taxpayer to go after the former Chairmen of the NY Stock Exchange Dick Grasso. As Faso puts it:

“From day one, this whole case has been more of a taxpayer-funded public relations campaign for Mr. Spitzer than a lawsuit on behalf of the public interest…Taxpayers won’t see a dime from this headline-grabber, but they will pay for years of legal maneuvering and litigation by the Attorney General’s office.”

Since the beginning Spitzer has been protected by his army called the NY Press with its field commander the New York Times. Spitzer can hide behind the walls of his castle for only so long before he eventually has to come out and respond to Faso’s challenges and showing New Yorkers his plan for the State. Up until now everything from Spitzer, including on his website, is just what he thinks the problems are not what he would do to tackle them.

As of now Faso may be down but he’s looking good. It’s only a matter of time before Spitzer’s walls are breached and the sacking of Spitzer begins.

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