Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Invasion or Liberation?

Like you, everyday I either read an article or hear a story about Iraq. Reading and listening to these stories I’ve noticed that all of them include the same phrase, “since the invasion of Iraq”.

When hearing the use of the word “invasion” to describe Iraq I can only stop to think at how the media has played a huge part in trying to demoralize the nation with the use of subtle words. One word can change and shape a whole story and when you lead with the word “invasion” you’re attempting to subconsciously bend your audiences mind to associate everything they read next with negativity.

Now did we invade Iraq? Based on the pure definition of the word, which is when one nation enters the boarders of another, then yes. However so do other words that carry a more positive message. When you use the word “invasion” it should be because as a nation you plan on not only entering another countries boarders but also keeping it for yourself. For instance when Saddam invaded Kuwait.

The word I would like to see the media use when describing the Iraq War is, “liberation”. Did we not liberate the Iraqi people from the ruthless and deadly clutches of Saddam? Did we not give the government back to the people, another sign of liberation? I think the media’s decision to only use the term “invasion” is just another example of their ties to Democrats. When President Clinton sent troops to Mogadishu none of the media used the term “invasion”. When President Clinton sent military to Kosovo, the media didn’t use the word “invasion”. Why was that?

The next time you hear and read about Iraq and they choose to throw the word invasion in you face, keep liberation in your mind to replace it.

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