Monday, August 21, 2006

Why should New Yorkers vote for a Party that can’t tell me what they stand for?

Today with the New York State Republican Party in the news I thought I would take a stroll over to their website. It has all your normal links but one stood out the most, “Why be Republican”. When you click on the link it gives you a laundry list of reasons each starting with the phrase, “I believe”, counting 15 in total.

Reading each one was a refreshing reminder why I’m a Republican and why everyone else should vote republican as well. Then I paused and thought to myself, “what could Democrats say as reasons to vote Democrat, that could counter this list”? So I jumped on over to the New York State Democrat Party website to see why someone should be a Democrat.

After clicking on all the links to my surprise there was not one page informing people about the Democrat Party and why you should vote Democrat. Then I thought harder and figured it made sense because there is no reason to vote Democrat because they have nothing to stand on. What the site did have was a page on things Republicans failed on in NY. But is that really productive? Are Democrats saying they are perfect and do people expect Republicans to be? To fail at things is human and is only bad when you don’t learn from them. For instance Republicans have learned from the terrorist attacks since the first WTC bombing in 1993 while Democrats have not still thinking appeasement is the answer. Also Republicans have learned that tax cuts stimulate an economy, Democrats still ignore the data. I say he who has not sinned should cast the first stone.

Getting back to my original point, I find it no coincidence or accident that the Democrats State Party can’t give me one reason to vote Democrat other than a silly quote taken out of context about John Faso.

Here is the Republican’s list of why you should be Republican right from their site. I would put up the Democrats list but they don’t have one.

Why Am I A Republican?

I believe in the promise of America and the goodness of the American people.

I believe that the roots of our society are found in strong families, personal faith, solid communities, and love of country.

I believe that our flag, the "Stars and Stripes", is a true and unique symbol of the pride and patriotism Americans share in their beloved nation.

I believe that America is still the "shining city on a hill", and represents the dreams and aspirations of current and future generations of American citizens.
I believe that our government is best when it is closest to the people that it serves.

I believe that government and governmental programs should be efficient, and provide full accountability for the practices and policies it's leaders propose and implement.

I believe in the spirit of free enterprise, in which capitalism is the best means to keep our economy running strong, both now and in the future.

I believe that while government can and should be the provider of some essential services, it should function with limited taxation, financial efficiency and the adoption of innovations to allow taxpayers to get the most for their hard-earned tax dollars.

I believe that America's military is the most powerful military force in the world, and that our brave men and women who serve our nation deserve the respect and admiration a grateful nation can only bestow.

I believe that governments first and foremost responsibility is the providing of safety and security to our citizens.

I believe that the rights of law-abiding citizens should outweigh the rights of criminals and that the enforcement of existing laws, combined with the addition of innovative, common-sense policies, is the best means of furthering a civil society.

I believe that our natural environment is a precious resource for all humankind, and that citizens and government should work together to implement common-sense policies that allow for both environmental protection and economic growth.

I believe that in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, all persons are created equal, and that I oppose discrimination in any form, against any person, and for any reason.

I believe in an inclusive political party, a party with a "big tent" approach where I am encouraged to share my beliefs and to disagree with those who share opposing viewpoints.

I believe that Republican Party leaders and officials have brought needed change to New York State and I agree that supporting their efforts is the best way to ensure a brighter future for many years to come.

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