Friday, August 25, 2006

A NY Times article I actually liked:

Diane Cardwell and Charles Bagli, wrote what I found was an interesting article on Elliot Spitzer titled, “As Spitzer Flexes, Bloomberg Team Feels the Strain”.

The article is about Elliot Spitzer and how he is basically already playing Governor by using his popularity to “put the brakes on projects that Mr. Bloomberg has been trying to accelerate”.

After reading the story I took a few things away from the article. One is the continued arrogance of Spitzer and his opinion that there is no way he can lose in November. His actions against many of the Mayors economic projects are just obvious attempts to delay things so he can come into office and take credit for the projects. Further his attitude appears like this whole election thing is just a formality and in most instances a nuisance, delaying what he thinks will be an indefinite reign over the State.

Seeing the hard time Spitzer is giving Bloomberg it will be interesting to see if the Mayor has the guts to endorse Faso or if he will jump on the Spitzer bandwagon in hopes that Spitzer will not make his life a complete hell.

I did have one complaint about the article. Not once in the whole story do the writers mention John Faso. How can they talk about the Governors race and only mention one candidate? It’s like John Faso doesn’t even exist to the New York Times. The writers could have easily gotten a quote from the Faso camp about Spitzer’s muscle flexing but for some weird (or conspiracy) reason they choose not too.

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