Friday, August 25, 2006

Forever wasting time and money: Part 2

I’m still burning over my last post (see below) about members of the New York City Council calling for the latest season of Survivor to be pulled because of its race theme.

Besides my valid points earlier what is getting me going further, is that John Liu is heading this group up. Since when is Councilman Liu so concerned about bringing everyone together? John Liu, the guy who has fought local Flushing community groups to keep English off of stores in downtown Flushing! According to the MSNBC story Liu is against Survivor because:

“it could encourage racial division and promote negative typecasts”.

What does Liu think having signs only in Asian make life long Flushing residents who can’t read them feel? John Liu should spend more effort cracking down on Asian real-estate agencies in Flushing who fail to call non-Asians back when looking for a home or apartment in an effort to stack the neighborhood.

The Hypocrisy on this issue is amazing. Isn’t this also the same city whose 11th Congressional District Democrats are telling residents not to vote for the “white guy”? Is Liu worried about that one? He’ll rally against Survivor on the steps of City Hall but where is he on the issues above?

The New York City (Democrat) Council is a joke and it’s the New York media’s fault for giving them a constant free ride just because they’re Democrats

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