Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Still Hiding:

Last night in Buffalo, the high King Eliot Spitzer, was a no show for a gubernatorial debate. The other two candidates, John Faso the Republican and Tom Suozzi a Democrat looking to beat Spitzer in the Primary, showed and attempted to make good use of their time. To me the highlight of the event is not what did Faso and Suozzi say but what did Eliot Spitzer say. Nothing!

For some strange reason Spitzer thinks if he stays behind the walls of his castle long enough, his opponents will go away. This though is a strategy that will only continue to hurt Spitzer. Sitting on his thrown while Faso catapults the walls of his campaign, will only continue to hurt New Yorker’s opinion of him.

The New York Times and Observer can only protect Spitzer for so long. At some point Spitzer will be forced to lower the bridge and start his attack. However considering we’re only two months away one has to wonder why the delay and why he allows Faso to continue to hit him without a valid response. The Faso camps latest attack on Spitzer’s use of a cronies (who’s looking for a state contract) jet plane at below market value, is just another example of Spitzer’s walls starting to crack.

Maybe it’s because Spitzer has no plan. Maybe Spitzer is concerned once he is forced to get on his horse and enter the battle he won’t know what to do with his sword. Spitzer has made a living hiding behind the media. Remember his vendetta against Wall St. was all done using jury by press conference. When one of his accused finally stood up and said, take me to court, the judge threw out most charges and on the rest he was found innocent.

My prediction is once Spitzer has to actually face Faso on the battlefield, he’ll be sent retreating. The only question is how strong will his allies in the media be able to hold line before the voters of New York realize Spitzer is not the answer for New York.

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