Monday, September 18, 2006

Good thing France decided not to send troops to Iraq:

From the beginning France wanted to have no part of the war on terror, particularly refusing to join the coalition of the willing to liberate Iraq. France believed that if they took the Bill Clinton route and ignored the true intentions of Islamic fascists they would be spared their wrath. Well so much for that theory.

A couple days ago, al-Qaida announced that it was joining with an Algerian insurgent group, designating France as the enemy. Though I have no doubt that France will continue to make believe there’s no problem I did find interesting a quote from one French politician when asked to comment on the news.

“The Americans have become harder to target domestically, so they are trying to widen the field of action and strike their allies,”

I don’t know what’s better about that quote, that France thinks they’re our allies or that they admit we’ve become safer under President Bush.

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