Friday, September 15, 2006

John Liu must be disappointed:

Last night Survivors social experiment came and went without a riot anywhere. A week ago people on our City Council led by John Liu had made it sound that if CBS aired the show bias attacks would flourish. The city would fall into chaos, as ethnic groups would join in their own struggle for dominance.

Those that don’t live their day separating groups for the sake of getting votes (John Liu) knew that Survivors idea would result into nothing more but the usual show with Americans pulling for the person they like best.

Watching the show last night said a lot about America today and how the idea of racism being a problem is continuously blown out of proportion and played up by a select few for their own power. As CBS interviewed the contestants none thought the idea was bad and instead thought it would be interesting. What I found most interesting was how through the entire show the contestants didn’t spend time complaining about the other groups but instead about themselves. Whether it was the Asians, whites, blacks or Hispanic anytime they made a complaint about someone it was against someone on their own team.

I’m sure Survivor will end up being as interesting as always and I’m glad CBS didn’t cave to the likes of John Liu. Personally I wonder if John Liu even watched the show? Today it seems the only ones interested in playing the race card are the ones from the groups they claim to protect. The rest of the country really could care less what color anyone is but more about how much they contribute to society. The fact that an African American can win American Idol twice and that millions of Americans tune in to watch thousands of non-white sport stars and celebrities proves that the only place racism lives is in the minds of those who benefit from making you believe it does.

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