Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Not news to the New York Times:

Over the last week Eliot Spitzer has been embroiled over a challenge by John Faso that he failed to pay the proper cost for a private jet. The jet, which was owned by a friend who is bidding on a state gambling contract, was used by Spitzer at below the fair cost of a normal flight.

Since the charge the Spitzer camp has been on the defensive defending the low price paid. Today the NY Sun is reporting that a Spitzer campaign official in response to the story:

“Said going forward the candidate would pay the full cost of charter flights”

What I want to know is why I can’t find one mention of the story in the New York Times? A stroll over to the NY Times website reveals nothing in regards to the story. Under the NY Times Eliot L Spitzer section, which lists all stories relating to him, not one article mentions his use of the private jet. The fact that Spitzer’s camp has acknowledged the claim and has said going forward they would do it different, proves that what Spitzer did wasn’t kosher.

This is only another example of my charge that the New York Times continues to shield Spitzer by failing to report damaging news about his campaign.

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