Wednesday, August 30, 2006

John Faso’s latest finding

Since Eliot Spitzer won’t properly explain to New Yorkers how his policies will affect New York, John Faso continues to do it for him.

John Faso’s campaign website has posted a new analysis (though I would call it a whitepaper) on how Spitzer’s school property tax plan would end up increasing taxes. This would make sense since there still hasn’t been any word from the Spitzer camp that they won’t raise taxes. The lack of response could also just be because, as usual, Democrats don’t think tax cuts matter. After all it was only a week ago when the New York State Democrat Chairman Denny Farrell admitted that tax cuts were “not a priority”.

Whether Democrats think they’re important or not they still have their consequences on the economy and your family’s pocket. As Faso’s analysis shows, the Spitzer plan will make your savings account that much smaller. With a possible 2007 economic slowdown on the horizon, New Yorkers are going to need a plan that keeps money in our pocket to better cope.

I encourage you to read the report and make your own conclusion.

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