Friday, November 03, 2006

“Fiercely opposed education tax credits”

Yesterday my son came home from school with a release from the Catholic Advocacy Network reminding parents to vote on Tuesday.

The release featured information on the “Empire State Child Credit” that was introduced by Governor Pataki and included in the budget. Thanks to the legislation parents who earn up to $110,000 jointly and $75,000 individually will get $330 credit for each child. Basically it amounts to one month’s tuition, which though not great is at least a start.

The release makes note to point out the credit was a compromise with parents seeking tax relief and “the public school teachers union which fiercely opposed education tax credits”. It’s know secret the teachers union was behind the attack and it’s nice to know they don’t want parents who send their kids to private school getting any tax relief.

Finally the release lists all the legislators in the Senate and Assembly who were brave enough, in the face of the teachers union, to sponsor the legislation. The complete Catholic Voter Guide and how candidates answered their election survey can be found here

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