Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rationalizing Away Media Bias

This news story is from May, but I just ran across it:

Are Conservatives Happier than Liberals?

In summary, the story reports on a Pew survey that found conservatives are generally happier than liberals. This doesn't surprise me given the bitterness and agitation tactics employed by left-wing politicians.

The reason? We're told... is because conservatives "reason away" nation's problems. No, it's not that we understand the problem and don't see a feasible government solution. We just rationalize away, calling on our inner shrinks so that we may shirk our broader social responsibility.

One thing that comes to mind - income disparity. You see, according to MSNBC, understanding that some people are compensated more than others, due to meritorious reasons, is "reasoning away the problem." Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that conservatives don't necessarily see wealth as a problem to be solved.

I wish all my conservativeness let me reason away MSNBC.

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