Tuesday, November 08, 2005

NJ/VA Gov Races

In NJ I think Corzine will win easily. I have family in NJ and I can tell you those people just can’t vote Republican. The old people in the state like my grandmother are still grateful for the New Deal and as she’s told me in the past. "I always voted Democrat, that’s just what we did in my day". Great granny, keep cashing that SS check. And the rest of the people in that state hate Bush, which means they’ll vote Corzine.

In VA it’s going to be close. I think it will go back to what I said last week. It will come down to whether or no the hard right come out and vote. If the hard right treat the election like they did in 2000 when they stayed home, then it won’t look good for Kilgore. If they treat it like 2004 and come out and vote (the reason Bush showed up at the last minute) then Republicans will pull it out. We’re just going to have to sit back and see if the hard right, with the Supreme Court picks decided, are still motivated to come out and vote.

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