Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Predictions, Part II

This is the way the Rickster's handicapping it for no other reason than gut feeling.

Kilgore in VA.
Corzine in NJ.
In California - Schwarzenegger will be moderately redeemed after 2 of his 4 proposals make it through. I'm thinking either Prop 74, the teacher tenure proposition, makes it, or Prop 75, the union political campaign funding proposition, but not both. After the states' unions spent krillions of dollars against the props, I find it virtually impossible to believe that union power would be so cleanly repudiated. I think Prop 76 on state spending restrictions is a winner, but the redistricting Proposition #77 is a toss-up.

In New York State - Prop 1 fails
Prop 2 fails

In NYC - Bloomberg wins by 20%
Charter revision 1 wins
Charter revision 2 fails

Mind you, these predictions do not reflect my personal views on these ballot initiatives, it's just the way I see it unfolding after several moments of reckless pondering.


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