Wednesday, January 18, 2006

RE: Quality of Reporting:

I could see where that post by Gos could be interpreted in a negative light. However I think anyone reading the article in the Observer and the post below need to understand the heart, sweat and hours that a number of people have put into this club, so like-minded individuals could have a place to go, meet and escape the liberal speak that consumes this city (you don’t know what it’s really like being a Young Republican in this city until you have been spat on in the street, something some of my colleagues have experienced).

Readers of the post below have to understand that all the work that is done on a daily basis by the board of governors of this club is not for personal fame or economic ends. Most don’t even know the name of our membership chair, our events chair, our community outreach chair and others who work everyday to make the club better. These individuals get no compensation except for the satisfaction that maybe their work made a difference to somebody in the club or community.

From my experience, I believe the perceived animosity toward the other club is really just frustration at how our club, despite all its efforts otherwise, somehow have to continually be dragged into this so-called “feud” as if we’re the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. The frustration on our end is from the fact that whenever the issue comes up it’s always started by a source other then this club. As Dennis mentioned in the article, “he never says a bad word about them” and anyone who ever came to any of our general meetings or events will never hear one either. In fact it is our clubs policy when asked about the other club, to recommend them check out both clubs. I personally can say that the one Hornack club meeting that a friend and I went too; we did hear him make negative comments about our club in an obvious attempt to make it appear to his members that they were being held down by the man. The meeting also included attacks on Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg but I digress.

My point is this club will continue to carry on so it can make a difference in the community and with its members. Unfortunately as part of that mission we will have to just be cognizant that there will be moments like the Observer article where our past differences will be exploited for a story or for a chance for one side to get some gratification. Fortunately for those really involved with our club, they know what our time is spent on, which if I may say, would make a much better story.

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