Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What Quality of Reporting?

Thanks to Gos for plowing the road on Jessica Bruder's story. She claims that Young Republicans are keeping an old feud alive, but the only thing that I see keeping this so-called feud alive are stories like Bruder's (which I won't bother to link to. I'm afraid you'll have to find it yourself). Her reporting, as Gos pointed out, misses the facts of the present situation by a country mile. And here I thought the phrase "All the news that's printed to fit" only applied to the New York Times.

It makes me realize that politics probably wouldn't have the bad reputation it does with many people if weren't for the media's reporting of it.

As for the feud or schism or conflict, whatever you want to call it - even the Hatfields and the McCoys settled their differences eventually. Republicans are too small a group in this town to be pitted against one another.

Remember what Ben Franklin said:

We must hang together, or we most assuredly will hang separately.

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