Saturday, August 19, 2006

So would this mean the country is getting more conservative?

We have all read the articles and heard the comments from both the Democrat Party and the media how the victory by Ned Lamont in the Connecticut primary is a signal that the American public is tired of Republicans and want change.

Currently though there is another primary battle going on that contradicts the Democrats argument. On September 12th Republicans in Rhode Island will be going to the polls to decide whether they want to keep their State’s current incumbent Senator, Lincoln Chafee, or vote in a new Republican, Steve Laffey.

Chafee is at risk of loosing his seat after voting with Democrats in the Senate one to many times. He voted against the war in Iraq, against Samuel Alito and more importantly against the Presidents overwhelmingly successful tax cuts. Looking at his record, Lincoln Chafee is more of a Democrat then Joe Lieberman is a Republican.

If Chafee were to go the way of Joe Lieberman and lose the primary, which is a good possibility, what would be the new message to America? For me it would only continue to support my view that the country isn’t becoming more moderate but instead galvanized with their respective parties.

I continue to support my call that come November Republicans will continue to hold the House and Senate, though numbers may change slightly, the revolution Democrats are predicting is not going to happen. The country has become even more entrenched into their respective parties then 2004 which is a good thing for Republicans. Despite the Michael Moore and rest of the hard lefts attempt to turn the tide in 2004, Republicans showed when committed our numbers are larger and stronger than any 18-24 year old, no responsibilities, living off their parents hard work, reading the DailyKos that Democrats can throw at us. Bush’s several million vote victory in 2004 proved that and primaries like Connecticut’s and Rhode Island’s are clues that November 2006 will be no different despite the liberal medias attempt to make us think it will.

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