Friday, November 03, 2006

What the Democrats Don't Want You to Hear

Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) has become one of the hot-button issues of the mid-term elections (I, personally, am ambivalent on the issue, my only concern is that low-income women may be exploited for their eggs). The Democrats have been exploiting this issue by making promises the ESCR will provide cures for a number of debilitating diseases, with little evidence to support this, and falsely making it seem that the Bush administration has banned research, rather than just limiting federal funding. Though we hear every day about the ESCR debate, and every tiny little development in ESCR research is widely reported on, we rarely hear from mainstream media about the advancements in non-embryonic stem cell research. Recently, scientists in Britain were able to produce human liver tissue using umbilical cord blood, a story that was little reported by US media.

For more on the breakthrough in England and the failure of mainstream media to report it, Wesley J. Smith has a very informative article in The Daily Standard. Also, check out his blog.

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