Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dumping on Petraeus

From The New Republic this week: "The Overhyping of David Petraeus". This is a test run of the media attack that will precede the September report by Gen. Petraeus about the surge's progress. The situation in Iraq is undeniably improving and public support is starting to right itself. This is bad news for the Democrats' attempt to fulfill their promise to end the war, regardless of the consequences. So you can expect to see more articles like this in the Times and you can expect to hear more talk show blather about whether we should leave Iraq.

The Democrats are planning to take on the funding issue again, as well. They kept funding for Iraq and Afghanistan out of the recently passed Defense bill because they want to save for themselves another opportunity to pull us out of Iraq. Whether it be defunding the troops in September or putting limitations in place so strict that the successful execution of the mission would be impossible, the fight will continue.

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