Friday, January 20, 2006

MSNBC, What Democrats Love to Watch?

I have to ask, who are these people that watch MSNBC and visit their website? Everyday MSNBC does this thing called the question of the day where they take a poll of the general public on their opinion of various topics. Obviously the poll is not scientific on what the overall country is thinking but it is scientific on telling us the kind of people that watch MSNBC.

For example the question of the day yesterday was “President Bush says the economy is strong: Do you agree?” The vote turned out to be 24% yes and 76% no. Are these people kidding me? You don’t have to be reading my post on the YR blog to know the U.S. economy is the strongest it’s ever been. Yesterday the weekly jobless claims number showed that people filing for unemployment was the lowest its been since 2000 at the height of the dot com boom. Corporate profits are at record numbers and corporate tax receipts to the government are at record numbers. On top of all this, the percentage of Americans who currently own a home is at record levels across all demographics.

I sent a letter into MSNBC pointing all this out while making a prediction that the people clicking “no” were doing it while holding onto a $300 Ipod, snapping away with their digital camera, while talking on their new cell phone, watching their HDTV driving around in their new car. Ok so you’re paying a little more for gas, get over it.

What’s is more insightful into the MSNBC viewer poll is that the day before the question was “are you offended be Sen. Clinton’s plantation comment”? Interestingly enough the results were, 27% yes and 73% no, the complete opposite of the President Bush question.

What’s sad about this whole thing is that MSNBC doesn’t just throw this poll up on their site everyday for giggles. At least three times a day they do a segment on the poll on the air where they show the results and act as if this is the pulse of the American public.

If MSNBC wants to surpass that other news station in viewers, it should look at these poles closely to see where their problem is. The numbers are telling MSNBC something and it’s not the pulse of America.

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