Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

heehee.....this is up on the Alito blog. Yep, not a second was wasted!

Interesting Read...

We always use Adam Sandler as an example of a Hollywood Republican, but Anderson's take on Hollywood and Conservatives is very interesting...


Supreme Pick

We’ll that didn’t take long. Hopefully Alito or “Scalito” will be just the medicine to get the right back behind the party.

Friday, October 28, 2005

This Just In.......

The anarchist groups that are protesting the Project Minutmen along the southern border are calling for the United States to "give back the southwestern states to Mexico".

That reminds me of the protest that will be going on in Washington Square Park this Wednesday.....All of the typical left wing nutcase/anti america/against everything else groups will be "calling for the bush regime to leave iraq and resign from power in our own country".

Do these people really think we're suppose to say "okay, you're right! we'll leave ASAP."??????

I'm Having a VERY Good Day

We'll see.
Since I've been counseled against using foul language in posts, I'll suspend further comment on the unfolding Fitzgerald travesty. (save for this UGH aside: in his announcement, the prosecutor employed the dreadfully overused "At the end of the day..." Does anyone know how or why that phrasal tic came en vogue? Listen for it-get back to me.)

Belmont Racetrack and New York are very proud to host the 2005 Breeders' Cup. 8 races, 8 champions-the Super Bowl for Thoroughbreds. Should be a great crowd and some amazing races.

For entertainment purposes only, my humble not-very-educated picks:

Juvenile Fillies- 1.Adieu 2.Folklore Longshot: Along the Sea
Juveniles- 1. Henny Hughes 2. First Samurai LS: Leo
Fillies and Mares Turf- 1.Film Maker 2. Wonder Again (even) Long(er) Shot:Karen's Caper
Sprint- 1.Lost in the Fog
Mile- 1. Leroidesanimaux 2. Artie Schiller LS: Limehouse
Distaff- 1. Ashado 2. Sweet Symphony LS: Yolanda B Too
Turf- 1. Shakespeare 2. Better Talk Now LS: Ace
Classic- 1. Flower Alley 2. Saint Liam LS: Perfect Drift

Letting it ride...

Great Job with the Site


Again, good job with the site. It took me a while to access it, but hopefully my comments get posted.


Time to Reflect

Even though I’m a Republican and believe in the ability of this administration to run the country, I have to admit I’m disappointed at the result of Fitzgerald’s investigation and though I didn’t want to believe what was probably the obvious for some time, now all Republicans and I are forced to.

I’m left wondering why did certain people feel the need to even go down this path to begin with. Was Joe Wilson’s own vendetta against the President that damaging to a war that in my view was and still is justifiable for a number of reasons? It’s disappointing that smart men would allow their arrogance to takeover while running the greatest country in the world just to get back at someone who said something mean in a Time article.

Hopefully the rest of the world will take this as a lesson as to why America is so great and a model for the free world where those in leadership positions are not immune from the same laws that govern everyone else in the country.

No Festivus Miracle

Well, I'm only half-ashamed to admit that growing up I was among the last to discontinue writing Santa Claus-I think I stopped around the time my wish for a Gilette Sensor went unfulfilled. Anyway, until a couple of hours ago I had hope that the "straight arrow" prosecutor, the "Boy Scout" Patrick Fitzgerald was not going to indict anyone save perhaps either of the Wilson sickos. I mean, Fitz is such the consummate pro, his office does NOT leak we were told-then how did anybody know anything about anything here? And surely a good, serious man won't go from putting Islamofascist murderers away to soiling himself with the follies of the Vanity Fair fools. But not to be, and now we're to be bombarded with wall to wall coverage about the alleged not-really-misdeeds of a grown man named Scooter.
Not me. I'm out. Much much much more important things in life.
Breeders' Cup picks to follow.

Libby Has Resigned

Posted by Gail Allen

Libby Indicted

Libby Indicted on 5 counts (obstruction of justice, perjury).

I thought Bill Clinton had set a precedent that you could commit perjury and not get indicted.

I guess it all depends on what the definition of is is.

Posted by Nick Vertucci

Go to the movies tonight

This popped into my email box, maybe you all got the same thing, too. Might be worth a look, though. This is straight from the press release:

Confronting Iraq: Conflict and Hope, a new version of Roger Aronoff’s intense documentary, will be launched at the Eureka International Film Festival in New York on October 28. The first version won the top prize for Documentary Features at the WorldFest Film Festival in Houston earlier this year.

In an attempt to set the record straight, this film examines some of the big issues related to the current war in Iraq. Did the US really act unilaterally, motivated by greed and politics, in an unnecessary war? Or is it a just and necessary war- part of a larger war- against the unrelenting forces of radical Islam and terrorism? Was Saddam Hussein's regime bent on developing and proliferating weapons of mass destruction? Or had he destroyed them all after the first Gulf War? The West is engaged, whether it likes it or not, in a clash of civilizations, in a war it never sought. Confronting Iraq: Conflict and Hope also exposes the many inaccuracies found in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. See for yourself.

WHERE: Eureka International Film Festival
The Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue & 2nd Street
New York City

WHEN: Friday, October 28, 2005
8:40 pm

btw - tickets are $10, but if you go to, you can purchase two for the price of one.

Rick Brownell

Thursday, October 27, 2005 reporting at its finest....

CNN is drawing a comparison between American dissatisfaction with the White House and the White Sox curse, saying that if the 88 year curse could be lifted, maybe President Bush can make a comeback too.....

um, yeah. That's not even comparing apples to oranges....that's like comparing apples to water buffalo....

(and as an added 'stick it to ya', they mention that 41 and Barbara even stayed to "watch the Astros lose.")

Gail Allen
still at work and stuck w/ CNN....

Bill Frist Democrat?

Are my ears deceiving me or did I hear Bill Frist just join the ranks of Hillary Clinton and call for hearings to investigate high-energy prices. Hey Bill it’s called supply and demand!

For our Senators to be even thinking about taxing the profits of energy companies above the already current tax rate is absurd! The $6 billion they paid this quarter in taxes isn’t enough?

The real problem with the people in this country (Senators included) is that they don’t know how to compute percentages. The truth is that Exxon Mobil’s profit margin was only 10%, less then most industries including trial lawyers.

At this rate the technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of taking risk that has driven this country to its economic domination over the world will be grinding to a halt. Us young Republicans can’t take over fast enough because our elders are going senile.

Nicholas Vertucci

Let Us Begin

All this- all the South Park and Godfather references, the unattributed PJ O'Rourke quotations, the blatantly obvious House of Hapsburg parallels and the tie-in of all experience to the feckless fortunes of the Buffalo Bills- all this will not be finished in the first one hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first one thousand days, nor in the life of this blog, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.

  • What a relief-a few more hours, perhaps a few days for some but this latest episode of eating our own is about over. A great sign that we are back on track is the aforementioned use of today's word of the day by the usual suspects. Wait til Fitzmas comes and goes with no indictments and an official recommendation that Joe Wilson seek professional help and spiritual counseling. Faster than you can say "bought and paid for right-wing prosecutorial tool" Dems will be longing for the salad days of hurricanes and body-counts.
  • Congrats to the White Sox. Wasn't exactly on the bandwagon, just a baseball fan that appreciated several good series and the fact that Castro is unhappier today. And until such phrases as "wide right", "no goal", and "Music City Miracle" are stricken from memory, "Deserves got nuthin' to do with it." I did like a friend's rationale for rooting against the Sox: They bet on baseball, fixed the World Series. He remained steadfast in the face of his non-baseball fan girlfriend's incredulity as she pointed out: That was in 1919!
  • As one should not give undue publicity to serial killers and vulgar liberals looking to sell something, I will not comment on Gail's reference to her Braves.

posted by Tim Wolff

Today's "AUUUUUUUUGH" Word Is...


May come in the form of "Extreme Right-Winger", "Extreme Right", "Extreme Right Wing", etc.

Whenever you hear Ted Kennedy, DiFi, Chuckie, et al. use this word while bloviating on the Senate floor or in front of the cameras, scream at the top of your lungs!

Gail Allen
Events Chair-individual/Scream Therapist


To clarify my earlier post - the White House is now back on track and finally ready to nominate a first choice candidate and is not afraid to fight for confirmation.

Ready to Rumble

In the end I think this is a good thing. I can't help but wonder if this is actually the result of a refocussed West Wing. Yesterday, Rove's attorneys met with Fitzgerald. Maybe the White House has been assured that Rove is in the clear, and no longer distracted by the threat of indictment doesn't fear of a confirmation show down.


You Know You've Made a Bad Decision When...

...your nominee withdraws and Schumer and Reid run to the cameras to defend her and blame the "extreme" right.

Gail Allen
Events Person-in-Charge

Harriet Miers

I for one am very happy that Miers received the boot. Her confirmation would have put many southern Republican seats in jeopardy in 2006.

Now that President Bush has been given another chance, I would love for him to nominate Janice Rogers Brown. It would make Democrats squirm and hesitant in fighting her confirmation and would pay back the 5 million Evangelical Christians who came out to vote for him in the last election.

Nicholas Vertucci

She's Out!

Breaking news: the White House has withdrawn the Miers nomination!!


update: she submitted her resignation. CNN (I'm stuck w/ them as my TV news service at the office) is implying that Bush has withdrawn her nomination. (interestingly, reports "Bush 'reluctantly' accepts Harriet Miers' resignation...")

RE: Why is everyone on this ChiSox Bandwagon?

Dennis, you're asking so I'm going to ask back. Deserve to win? Are you saying that it's not "fair" that the White Sox won? That on a "fairness" scale, it's more "fair" for the Astros to win? Doesn't 2-time MVP Frank Thomas deserve a ring? Big Frank, the Big Hurt???

Personally, the Astros deserve to lose: they beat my Braves. The new millennium is all about breaking the old curses.

(Mike Berardino at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes an interesting article paralleling Bagwell and Thomas, fyi...)


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why is everyone on this ChiSox Bandwagon?

Let's lay it on the line here, we've got two organizations in the World Series that aren't exactly known for their winning ways in the last half-century. The Astros (or the Colt 45's for that matter) were not tearing up the baseball world and come in here as Rusty Staubb inspired overdogs.

So what's the deal with the "Go Sox" attitude out there? I'm not critical, as I could care less who wins (I watch, but I have no rooting interest), but why is everyone so enamored of a team that, in the last 90 years, has had stars such as Harold Baines and Luis Aparicio. Do they deserve to win? Were they robbed in recent (or distant) memory? The Astros have had some really nice teams and have knocked on the door a few times. Biggio and Bagwell deserve a win as much as anyone in baseball.

I'm just asking.


I Like What You've Done w/ the Place!!!

It's pretty roomy in here - lots of space to develop more Right thinking!!

for The Record, Mendozaaaaaaaah! (had to get it out of my system.) Dennis, I will join you for a Family Guy chat any day!!

See you all at the Halloween Party tonight!

Auction House
300 E.89th (@2nd Ave)

Gail Allen
Events Credenza

Holy Cow We've Got a Blog

Welcome to the New York Young Republican Club Blog! This has been a long time coming, but we wanted to take the time to get it done right. I hope everyone enjoys this board, where NYYRC board members may post their thoughts on politics, the world, culture and Family Guy. Considering the diversity of this group, I'd be surprised if this wasn't entertaining to say the least. Thanks for coming and now I christen thee "the NYYRC Blog".

Dennis Cariello

Yet another premature epitaph for the GOP?

Gallup's latest poll states that the Republican Party is pulling disapproval numbers not seen since the Democrats were bounced from the Congressional majority in 1994. President Bush's approval ratings (or disapproval ratings, depending on how you see things) have been so low for so long that some anonymous Republican sources across the country think that he may be more of a liability in 2006 than a help.

Now, none of us likes to admit that we put much stock in the polls. We tend to only follow them when they agree with our own privileged political outlook. But there may be some junk food for thought here.

Rick Brownell
Vice President