Thursday, June 29, 2006

But the economy is bad:

5.6%. That’s how much the U.S. economy grew in the first quarter of the year. It’s the fastest pace in 2 ½ years and stronger than what had been anticipated. The most interesting part of the number is the fact that a large part of the growth was due to an improved trade deficit.

So lets review, since President Bush’s tax cuts:

The U.S. economy has continued to grow at an above average pace.

Unemployment has fallen to 4.7%

A record number of people own their own homes including minorities.

The IRS has received a record amount in tax receipts. (Imagine how that could be possible considering we cut taxes).

All this and the President still can get any credit.

Great Moments in NY Times History

Check out this faux article from William S. Smith over at TCS Daily:

Times Reveals Enigma Codes

And a follow-up note: There's currently a resolution in the House to remove the Times' Washington press credentials. It won't pass, but it will at least put their pigheadedness on the books for history to see. We should never expect an apology from them for what they did - they're too snobbish for that - but there may be an opportunity to shame them into thinking twice before they print stories that endanger this country.

Maybe if someone pointed out to the Times editorial board that another terrorist attack in the United States may actually decrease their subscriber base, they might listen.

Speaking of the education system:

First I want to tell Dennis I got a chuckle out of his post because I also give the cashier in these places the extra penny so I don’t get back unneeded change. I laughed because whenever I do I always wonder to myself if they know what I’m trying to achieve by giving them the penny. I do have to say Dennis that I have yet to experience what you did but the fact that I wonder every time if they’ll catch on says something about my faith in the people behind the counter.

Speaking of the education system, this weekend I had the pleasure of watching my son graduate from preschool. Now for the last 4 years I have sent my son to private school. The school is not connected to any religious institution and was actually a publicly traded company before it was bought out late last year.

My point is when watching my son and his classmates (15 in total) you can’t help but be amazed at their progress at this private institution at such an early age. They can recognize, pronounce and write the complete alphabet. They can spell and write their complete names and phone number. They can write all their numbers and count in English, Spanish and French. They also have been introduced to simple addition and subtraction.

They have been taught dozens of topics from how the weather works to the dinosaurs, including how they became extinct. They have been taught how to use a computer. They also have been taught proper manners, as my son says, “hold the door for the ladies”. They can also completely recite the Pledge of Allegiance (my personal favorite) and more.

Now my point is not to be a proud father, though I am, or to say my son is so smart. Frankly there are children in his class more advanced then he is. The goal is to compare my son’s school to that preschool program the city and Christine Quinn claim to be a huge success, Universal pre-k.

Now I’m not saying Ms. Quinn’s program isn’t a good idea or that the children don’t get something out of it but I wonder if after seeing my sons school if the taxpayers and parents who send their children to the city’s pre-k program could be getting more for their money. My wife and I have a friend whose son is the same age as ours who sent him to the Universal pre-k program. Her comments about the program are not that impressive with the best thing she can say about it being she now has some alone time during the day and he has had a chance for social interaction. The education portion has seemed to be left out. Further my son’s aunt who is a first grade teacher in the New York City school system has said after seeing my son that he is on the same level as some of the kids coming into her class.

Not satisfied with their comments I though I would do a little more research and came across a Universal pre-k newsletter sent to those involved in the program called “news flash”. In the programs own newsletter it bragged how:

“The children have learned various skills, such as identification of shapes and colors, cutting and gluing their own creations, and interpreting their environment”.

Cutting and gluing? Shapes and colors? Are you kidding me? My son was learning his shapes and colors in his private school when he was two not to mention at home. Are we supposed to be applauding that four year olds in Universal pre-k are learning the color blue?

Comparing the difference between what private school provides versus what public can provide is like comparing night and day. What’s really sad is what it costs the taxpayer for this level of education. Now my son’s school wasn’t cheap nor is the private kindergarten he’ll be going to in September but it’s less than what it costs for each public school student. This is why we need to continue the fight for school choice in the form of vouchers. Though I can afford to send my child to private school to get him the best education possible for his age there are families who don’t have that money but would love the chance to send them to a school that is actually teaching, then a school like Universal pre-k that is just growing vegetables. If New York wants to cut the budget they can start by paying private schools to do a better job at a lower cost, killing two birds with one stone.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Now, for an entirely different topic

I just got back from the Burger King down here in lower Manhattan, just across from Ground Zero and I am totally disgusted - not by Burger King itself (perhaps I should look at the "nutritional" infromation for my Angus Burger to remedy that) - but by the exchange at the counter.

The total came to $6.71. I gave the woman - who looked like she had just graduated high school - or was at least no younger than someone entering her senior year -- $6.76. Predictably, she said "you gave me too much" and tried to give me back my penny.

Now, putting aside what it says about me that I give people an extra penny to get a nickel back, this exposes two serious failings of our school system:
1. The failure to impart basic math skills and
2. The failure to teach humility.

The first point seems obvious and need not be belabored here, but the second needs some explaining.

Our schools, in this self-esteem infected culture we live in, do our children a great disservice by teaching them that they are wonderful are winners and as good as everyone else at all things. By doing so, they empower children to think that because they cannot see the logic in something, and because I am a winner, the poor fellow advancing the competing logic must be wrong. Indeed, unlike the academics that preach this garbage, kids instintively know there are winners and losers - thus, because they've been taught that they are winners, unlike the academics that somehow believe we all can be winners, kids know the other guy must be a loser.

Had out schools taught my new friend humility -- she would have had the sense to at least say "self, this crazy guy gave me 76 cents when only 71 cents were necessary, I do not know why, but perhaps there is a reason, perhaps he knows better." Then she just woudl have punched it into the register - WHICH CALCULATES THE DARNED CHANGE ANYWAY - and she would have learned that I was attempting to change five pennies (one of my own and four she was going to give me) into a nickel. Instead, she was quick to correct me and thus violated the maxim "better to be though of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Humility. It is an underrated trait. Perhaps in light of the failure of our schools to teach basic math it is too much to ask that they teach this hallmark of character. Schools, however, cannot be graded a success until they do both.

PS - I told her three times "no ketchup, no mayo, no sauce." It was like I told her to put a gallon of BBQ sauce on the thing.

Petitioning Help Needed!


Fellow YRs,
As petitioning comes to a close, there are a number of candidates who need our help. As you may know, according to law, candidates running for State Senate, State Assembly, and other elected offices must gather a certain number of signatures from registered Republicans in order to get their names on the ballot in the fall elections.

We have a great stable of Republicans running for office this year, and I don't need to tell you just how important it is for us to be successful in the November elections. A lot is riding on this one, and we all must play a role if we want the Republican Party to succeed.

So drop a line with Kendal Elliott, our Campaign Chair, at, and let her know when you will be available to help out. If each of us contributes just a few hours to the cause, we will ensure our candidates' placement on the ballot this fall.

But don't delay! There are only a few days left and timing is critical.

See you on the campaign trail.

Rick Brownell

The new AMD plant in upstate New York is a victory for the state:

Over the last couple of days I’ve become a bit peeved by those in the media like Bill Hammond in the Daily News and some in our Republican ranks (I’ll not mention any names but they know who they are) who have attacked Gov. Pataki for winning a new AMD plant for the state. The attacks are based on the assumption by some that Gov. Pataki has recklessly given away $1 billion dollars of your hard earned money to AMD to convince them to build its new plant in the state. The problem with this assumption is that those who profess it have failed to research what Gov. Pataki already knows. Getting private enterprise to open up shop in your state with incentives will payback that state a hundred times over in the future.

First lets set it straight. The plant is going to cost AMD $3.2 billion to build. So that means for the $1 billion New York is going to invest it will get an initial $2.2 billion back that will be going to much needed construction jobs and everything else needed to build a high tech plant. This doesn’t included the billions of dollars that will go into the factory over its lifetime to help keep with its expansion and upkeep. Lets also remember that part of the roughly $1 billion going to AMD will be spent to improve roads and utilities in the area to make transportation to and from the plant easier. Of course the Governors attackers don’t want to recognize the importance local infrastructure adds in enticing business to open up shop in any particular area. Nor do they want to mention how the improved infrastructure, will not just be used by AMD but any other company that follows.

Yes I said any other company that follows, another point that the Governors attackers failed to mention. The beauty about capitalism is when something is built other businesses follow to take advantage of that company’s needs. These are benefits that don’t show up initially but occur over time and is known in economics as external economies of scale. This means once a nucleus is created in a certain location other business whether competitors or suppliers move in and concentrate to lower the cost of doing business for everyone. The result is economic expansion and the thousands of jobs that go with it, which in the end leads to higher tax revenue. For the Governor’s liberal attackers they can look to their beloved Hollywood as an example of the benefits of external economies of scale. They can also look at Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to put tax breaks in the budget for film studios that film their movies in New York. You can argue they don’t need the money either but the Mayor understands that those tax incentives bring more money to the city in return.

The Governors attackers mock him when he claims that AMD can start what can become the new Silicon Valley but they should be careful because history favors the Governor not his critics. In 1989 Ireland was at the bottom of the ladder when it came to economic activity. The country needed to do something and knew attracting a big name company to build a plant and be the nucleus was the answer. The country bid hard and finally convinced Intel to build a factory in the country. They convinced them by offering an extremely low corporate tax rate. Since that “bribe” (as the Governors critics put it) Intel has invested over $6 billion dollars in the surrounding area. The Economist Intelligence Unit (no offense to people who get their business information from the Daily News) has stated:

“Ireland’s telecoms and technology sectors expanded rapidly in the late 1990s as a result of telecoms liberalization and the country’s success in attracting overseas investment, particularly from the US.”

That expansion all started with Intel and accounts for 12% of Irelands GDP, double the average of the European Union. That “bribe” not only saw Ireland take in 12% of all inward technology investment in the last couple of years to Europe but also 42% of all inward software investment to Europe. Software an industry unrelated to Ireland’s initial “bribe” came and located because it wanted to take advantage of the external economies of scale that were created.

The Governors critics don’t need to look overseas for proof, they can just look down south. Though you would never know listening to the liberal media but the U.S. auto industry is as strong as ever. It’s not in Michigan with Ford and GM though, it’s down south in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and other surrounding states. Those states years ago did what Governor Pataki is doing now with AMD giving cash and incentives to foreign automakers to build plants in America. While Detroit was sleeping southern states were quietly moving the auto industry south. Since then every company from BMW to Toyota have built multibillion-dollar plants down south. Toyota alone employs over 360,000 Americans directly thanks to those “bribes” not to mention the thousands of jobs created externally by supporting industry. The trend continues with just today Honda announcing that it will open a $400 million dollar plant in Indiana after they “bribed” the company with tax incentives. It’s worth noting that other states including Michigan who has finally woke up to what it takes to keep your state going bid for the plant.

Well there you have it. I could go on and on with examples but I think you get my point. So next time you hear some journalist cry about incentives being given to big business just remember it takes money to make money.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Meng Dynasty?

Besides Senate, Governor and Attorney General, there are actually some other interesting races going on. One that I have been paying attention to is the open assembly seat in the 22nd district. The seat is being vacated by the first term Democrat Jimmy Meng.

Jimmy Meng was elected to the assembly behind the large number of Asians that have moved into the district over the last decade. These new Asian Americans have proved to be heavily Democrat and were the force behind the election of Democrat John Liu to the City Council. Behind these two men the Asians that makeup over 50% of the Flushing community have been rewarded with a relaxed attitude toward the Asian nationalism that has taken place, which can be seen in the ever expanding business up Northern Blvd that include signs in everything but English and the unfortunate defacing of a 100 year old land mark bank by turning it into a Asian mini mall. For the other half of Flushing that is not Asian, it has become an intimidating environment where longtime residents feel secluded and unable to patronize local shops. It’s easy to say that the veteran residents of both Liu and Meng’s district have been purposely forgotten with the ultimate hope being that they too will leave the area for the comforts of Long Island, New Jersey or somewhere down south.

Meng’s departure from the Assembly means that an opening has been created for a more objective official to be elected. One who wants to create a community where new Asian immigrants can still enjoy their culture while respecting that many still live in the district who would still like to feel like they can visit Main St. Flushing like the days of old when they could go into a store knowing what they sold while not feeling like the owners don’t want them there. This person does exist in former councilwoman Julia Harrison who is also running in the primary for Meng’s seat. Realistically Harrison does have a chance if Grace Meng (Jimmy Meng’s daughter) and her two Asian rivals Terence Park and Ellen Young split the Asian vote leaving Harrison to capture the large block of Democrats in the district who are unhappy with its direction. The problem for Harrison will be convincing this block to actually vote. One thing that the Asians in the district must be given credit for is their appreciation of their right to vote. The right to vote is something they all take serious and enforce their right by showing up on Election Day in droves. This is the opposite of the non-Asian section of the district who have taken their right for granted generally choosing to sit home. Another problem for Harrison is her limited exposure on the streets. As stated earlier the majority of businesses have become Asian in the last ten years leaving her no place to hang her signs as their windows are covered with vote for Meng or Park. It appears the only chance she has is to hope that people walk into the booth and choose the only name that’s not Asian.

The opening of Jimmy Meng’s seat will instead most likely see the box out continue as Jimmy Meng’s daughter Grace has decided to run to fill her dad’s seat. Grace already has all the needed contacts in the community from when she was her dads campaign manager not to mention his donors. With the primary basically deciding who will win the assembly seat comes November a victory for Grace will keep the already Asian nationalism high while starting what could become the Kennedy’s of the Asian community. As a registered Republican I can’t vote in the primary but as a 30 year resident I’ll be watching.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Am I the only one fed up with John ABSCAM Murtha

How much press coverage can this guy get. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has him claiming that the American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran. This after he called our marines cold-blodded killers and has advocated the "cut-and-run" method for war stategy for some time (with a notable exception in 1991).

Indeed, in April 1994, Murtha urged the Clinton administration not to use military force to stop the fighting in the former Yugoslavian republics.

Of course, since Robert Novak recently reminded us all, Rep. Murtha was involved in Abscam. (side note, the investigated parties (one Senator, six Representatives.) were all but one Democrat -- and interestingly, Robert Luskin, Karl Rove’s lawyer, was in charge of DOJ's sting)

The names of the losers: Rep. John W. Jenrette, Jr. (D), Rep. Richard Kelly (R), Rep. Frank Thompson (D), Rep. John M. Murphy (D), Rep. Jack Murtha (D) (unindicted co-conspirator), Sen. Pete Williams (D)

As video made clear (from Winkpedia) Murtha refused the inital bribe, saying "I'm not interested. I'm sorry, at this point." Novak notes that he also boasted about his influence and "expressing interest in further negotiations."

In fairness, the charges against him were dropped in return, although only after he agreed to testify against Rep. Frank Thompson. Murtha was eventually cleared by the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (House Ethics Committee) in 1981. It was, fittingly, a party-line vote in a Democratically-controlled House of Repubrestentatives that "cleared" Murtha. As Robert Novak recently noted, the committee's special counsel resigned in protest.

Murtha is continuing his sleazy ways, Roll Call ( reports that the fiscal 2005 defense appropriations bill included more than $20 million in funding for at least 10 companies for whom KSA Consulting, a frim owned by Rep. murtha's brother, brother, Robert C. "Kit" Murtha, lobbied. Carmen Scialabba, a longtime Murtha aide, works at KSA as well. Murtha also inserted earmarks in defense bills that steered millions of dollars in federal research funds toward companies owned by children of fellow Pennsylvania Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D).

Now, why does this man have any credibility?

People who burn American flags are morons:

Currently there’s debate in Washington on whether or not there should be a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. Those who are against the amendment and the people who actually go through the despicable act of actually burning the American flag claim to do it in the name of free speech. The problem with that argument is that by burning the American flag they’re destroying the one symbol in this country that truly represents what they’re trying to prove.

The American flag with its beautiful stars and stripes, red, white and blue colors scream freedom. This is why it’s moronic when somebody in this country burns the flag and then claims freedom of speech. If they truly were interested in freedom of speech they would wrap the flag around them not burn it. They would wave the flag and denounce the government, using the flag as their symbol of being able to do so.

By burning the flag, these people are saying they’re against freedom not for it. Flag burners need to wake up and stop confusing our country’s one true symbol of freedom and free speech with their displeasure of how our government is being run at that time.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The New York al-Qaeda Times:

By now most Americans have at some point asked themselves just whose side is the U.S. media on. Whenever it comes to the bad guys, whether it be terrorists or murders on death row it seems the media has always taken it upon themselves to defend the guilty. As Americans we have come to understand this to be an unfortunate consequence of a country with a free press.

This week however we need to be asking themselves have they once again cross the line and at what point can such papers like the New York Times be considered enemies of the state and charged with treason. Though this might sound harsh what the New York Times did on Thursday with its intricate description of how the program works, graphics included is nothing short of aiding the enemy.

Such reports raise red flags to terrorists who may be using the system and unaware that they are being tracked. This then allows them to change their habits giving them more time to plan, as we must have to find a new way to find them. The Times admits in its report that the program was used to identify an al-Qaeda operative Hambail, who was the mastermind behind the 2002 bombing of the Bali resort. We have to ask ourselves if the program did not exist, what other attacks could a free Hambil plan.

At what point does the media become accountable for future attacks when it is their reporting and disregard for consequences that caused it? It makes me wonder just what kind of people are sitting in the office of the Times and what must be going through their minds as the decide to report such stories. What’s interesting is that these are the same people who jump to attack CEO’s for being greedy and only worrying about their selves.

Finally lets remember this is not the first time the media has used its freedom to aid the terrorists. The most famous was the media’s decision to tip off Bin Laden by reporting that the U.S. Government was tracking and almost successfully killed him in an air strike by intercepting his satellite phone, giving us his location every time he used it. Soon as they reported the secrete information, Bin Laden stopped using his satellite phone and we lost our ability to track him.

So the next time the New York Times writes some story about how the U.S. is loosing the war on terrorism at least now we officially know they’re doing it with a smile.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Annual Dinner Update:

We’re please to announce that former candidate for Senator and son in-law to Richard Nixon, Ed Cox, has informed the NYYRC that he would be attending tonight’s dinner.

Mr. Cox has always been a big supporter of the club and we’re honored to have him in attendance

NYYRC 94th Annual Dinner

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jen Saunders



New York, NY (June 21, 2006) The New York Young Republican Club will host their 94th Annual Dinner on Wednesday, June 21, 2006. The Honorable Roy M. Goodman and Major William Colon, United States Army Reserves, will be honored. Curtis Sliwa will serve as Master of Cermonies.

The event will be held at Battery Gardens, opposite 17 State Street in Battery Park. Cocktails will be served from 6 p.m to 7 p.m., the Dinner and Awards Ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are $150 for Members, $250 for Non-Members and Alumnae.

This event will be open to the media that RSVP to

Business attire.

The New York Young Republican Club, Inc., is a not-for-profit political organization that exists to bring Republicans aged 18-40 together to discuss the Republican Party platform and aid the Republican Party in the education of the public about the Republican agenda and the promotion of Republican candidates for office. To find out more about the New York Young Republican Club, Inc. please visit the Website at .

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Have you purchased your annual dinner ticket yet?

Yes the annual dinner is only one day away and its on pace to be another great one. If you have not yet purchased your ticket yet you can still do so on the clubs website or at the door of the event.

Remember this is the clubs big event of the year and no member or friend of the club should miss it and with guests such as Curtis Sliwa (who will be our photo opp) Ed Cox and others why would you want to miss it.

Also we will be having a silent auction hosted by Steiner Sports featuring great items.

Democrats are attempting to reinstate the Bill Clinton Doctrine:

Yesterday without surprise the GOP led House shot down a resolution 256-153 to set a date for withdrawal from Iraq. To the average American, even those frustrated with slow progress in Iraq, cutting and running would not be in the national interest of our country. Doing so would have us follow the dreaded decision made by Bill Clinton in 1993 to cut and run from Mogadishu after the U.S. suffered 18 deaths in the shooting down of a U.S. Blackhawk helicopter.

Its obvious Democrats and their supporters have not been following much international news since at the same time the Nancy Pelosi left try to pull our troops out of Iraq Mogadishu has officially fallen into the hands of al-Qaeda. Looking at the dire situation in Mogadishu one can see the terrorist enclave becoming the next Afghanistan for terrorists to plot attacks from. Clinton pulling our troops not only paved the way for terrorists to take control but also emboldened Bin Laden into thinking the U.S. didn’t have the stomach to fight the good fight. Looking at the attacks from embassy bombings to the U.S. Cole during Clintons watch, it’s clear the Clinton Doctrine of running because the American people might not be happy has clearly been one big reason why we are where we are today and the Twin Towers fell.

If Congress and the President were to abandon the Bush Doctrine in favor of the Clinton Doctrine, it is without question Iraq would fall creating another haven for al-Qaeda. This is something we as country and world cannot afford to have happen. The President needs to continue to stick to what is right and let a future without terrorist havens be his vindication.

Today Americans have a choice, they can listen to Democrats like John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and reinstate the Clinton Doctrine or they can simply pick up a paper and currently read about Mogadishu.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Same Sex Marriage:

Starting this month, New York’s highest court will hear arguments to decide if same-sex marriage should be allowed in the State under its constitution.

The topic of homosexuality is one that can get the biggest liberals and conservatives boiling. What makes it so big is the fact it’s a subject with many layers, each with its own battlefield. The country’s biggest opponents are those who are very religious and look at the idea of it as a sin. Proponents on the other hand claim that you don’t choose to be gay because it’s something destined on you since birth. Looking at it objectively both sides have a point. It’s hard to argue against the fact that homosexuality is something your brain forces upon you. At the same time I think you have to understand the view of those who believe deeply in God and feel it’s a sin that like any other can be mastered. The Bible is clear that sin is present on earth and that it is up to us as humans to suppress it. As God tells Cain in Genesis 4: 7 “sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it.”

Unfortunately both arguments don’t get us anywhere because you will never change the mind of someone who doesn’t believe or trust the Bible that it’s a sin and vice versa. This inability is what has allowed our society to progress to a point in the debate where those against it still are but have accepted that it’s a part of society. Frankly if you believe it’s a sin and hurts your chances of eternal life then the only one being hurt is those choosing to follow it and if the other side is not worried about it being a sin then that’s their choice.

When it comes to same sex marriage however many people feel it’s a move in a direction that has crossed a line that blatantly challenges what they feel is a sacred part of their beliefs. They feel allowing same sex marriage will make a mockery out of what is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. They view it as just one more attack on the church in their attempt to completely remove religion not only from being present in government but in society period.

For me personally I like to look at same sex marriage using the tool the left uses to defend itself against those who believe in God. Science. Whenever someone attempts to teach the word of God, the left is always quick to say how scientifically it’s not possible. Mayor Bloomberg just the other day giving a speech to the CDC made an interesting statement when he said, “we respect science. We base policy not on what we think is true, but what we can prove is true”. Now he wasn’t referring to same sex marriage but it will help prove my point.

The purpose of life since day one whether created by God or chance is for us as humans or even animals to reproduce. It’s not to own a home, get a good job or watch movies. These are things that have occurred as side effects of our existence. Using the mayor’s own words “what we can prove is true” is that as humans we cannot reproduce as homosexuals. If we were all gay life would cease to exist. This is why marriage is and should always be meant as a union between a man and a woman. In the words of Anchorman Ron Burgundy, “It’s science”.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Thank you to all of the YRs who came out to support the club's fundraiser for the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation on June 6th. The evening was a success!

A special thank you to Jen, Angelique and Sean on their great bartending skills!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NYYRC June Meeting

For Immediate Release June 12, 2006
Contact: Jen Saunders, Public Relations Chair


New York, NY - The New York Young Republican Club will hold our June monthly meeting on Thursday, June 15. Our featured speaker will be Ramesh Ponnuru, a Senior Editor at National Review.

Ramesh Ponnuru has covered politics for over a decade. His articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, the Washington Times, the Weekly Standard, and Financial Times and he appears frequently on programs such as FOX’s The Big Story with John Gibson, CNN’s Inside Politics, MSNBC’s Scarborough Country, CSPAN’s Washington Journal and HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Mr. Ponnuru’s recently released The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life, examines how the Democratic party has aligned with people who advocate destroying ‘inconvenient’ forms of human life, from embryos to the elderly and disabled.

Please join us at the Union League Club, located at 38 East 37th Street, on Thursday, June 15, 2006, beginning at 7PM.

This event will be open to media that RSVP by 5:00pm June 15th at attire required. Please check your coat at the door and turn off your cell phone.

The New York Young Republican Club, Inc., is a not-for-profit political organization that exists to bring Republicans aged 18-40 together to discuss the Republican Party platform and aid the Republican Party in the education of the public about the Republican agenda and the promotion of Republican candidates for office. To find out more about the New York Young Republican Club, Inc. please visit the Website at

Video Games and the government:

Today on Capitol Hill hearings are being held in regards to the sale of violent video games to minors. As someone who has played video games since he was a minor and has a son who likes to play video games I think the governments attempt to put restrictions on the industry is a waste of time and an insult to the people who play these games.

It’s obvious that those trying to control the industry are people that have never picked up a controller or installed a game on their computer. Studies have shown that children who play video games not only show no signs of increased violence but also have shown to have a higher IQ and a better ability to solve complex problems. They have also shown, not surprisingly, to have better reflexes.

I actually have two problems with the attacks on the video game industry. First I view these attacks as further proof of a government that feels parents are incapable of raising their own children. As a parent I can say it is impossible for my son to play any game without me knowing. Unless you’re completely brain-dead as a parent you know what your child is playing. If you’re uncomfortable at that point you can take the game away. You don’t need the government to try and control content because it feels it’s not suitable because frankly most people who play these games are over the age 18 anyway and those that are not have parents that are fully capable of running their own households.

My final problem is the idea that violent games make kids violent. To buy into this theory is an insult to the children it attempts to protect. To believe this then you have to also believe that children who play games involving space aliens must then think aliens are also real. To believe this you have to then believe that children who play games involving super heroes must believe that at any moment a super hero could swoop down from the sky in real life to save the day from the evil villain who is about to attack their city. To believe this then you must also think that these children believe toys get up and talk when they’re not around and in a land far away is an ogre who married a princess.

Just like kids know that ogres, aliens and super heroes are not real they understand violent games are just games.

Solutions America - Wow

I have to tell you, I was one of a few of us that attended the Soluntions America fundraiser last night and I left very impressed. Impressed with the operation, impressed with the event and impressed with the former mayor. I've been a part of numerous campaigns and events before, but I was struck by the professionalism and the results. That they raised $2 million for the first real event the PAC had says quite a bit.

And am I the only one that found Rudy's message -- terrorism, education and energy -- to be so completely reasonable, and conveyed in an unassuming and welcoming manner, that one woudl think the Republicans he is rasigin money for woudl be wise to adopt it as a platform this year?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Even the City Council isn’t strong enough to stop the power of free markets:

Tomorrow will be another sad chapter in the history of the City Councils drive toward stifling economic growth. In Kearny, NJ just seven miles from New York City, Wal-Mart will be opening a brand new store.

The store will employ an initial 350 people (including some New York residents) out of 8,000 applicants.

What New York City voters need to remember is that thanks to the incompetence of our City Council, hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in sales tax will go to NJ and not NY. Local New York City businesses will suffer, as New Yorkers will be more then happy to drive the short distance to shop and save as they currently do in Wal-Mart’s other New Jersey and Long Island stores.

I can’t help but wonder what our City Council members must be thinking as they watch New Yorkers continue to spend more then $100 million a year in sales (known from credit card data collected by New York City residents) in Wal-Mart stores that surround the City that could have been spent in the City had our Council not been so ignorant.

See you in Jersey!

NYYRC Annual Dinner Tickets on sale now!

This year’s annual dinner will be held on June 21 at Battery Gardens. The dinner will start with a cocktail reception at 6:00 followed by a sit down dinner and awards presentation.

This year’s dinner will be extra special as it will give everyone a chance to meet and thank our special guest, Gov. Pataki, for his years of service to New York.

Other current guests include:

Curtis Sliwa who will be the Master of Ceremonies

The Hon. Roy M. Goodman

Maj. William Colon, United States Army Reserves

Tickets can be purchased on our website at

Is that a bounce I see?

The President’s new approval ratings are out and unsurprisingly to me he has bounced up to 38%. If you recall on April 21 I posted on this Blog that it was “time to cover your George Bush short”. My reasoning was based on the simple fact that there was no one left to disapprove with a Rolling Stones Magazine cover smacking the President as the signal for capitulation, which always leads to reversal.

If I were Democrats I wouldn’t take this move lightly. I’m going to continue with my predictions and call for the President’s approval rating to be back around 45% by November as Iraq improves and more importantly the price of oil falls taking away one more weapon against Democrats.

As I said the other day, Democrats need to be worried. California Republican Brian Billbray’s victory for an open House seat over Democrat Francine Busby is a leading indicator that November will be good times once again for Republicans. If Democrats cannot win an open seat in deep blue California how do they expect to pick up seats in red states like Indiana?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Some things don’t change:

Since the beginning of 2006 all we have heard from the media and Democrats (wait isn’t that the same thing) was how Democrats are going to retake the House and Senate come November. They claimed Republicans have lost their way and that the American people wanted change. This morning though it was Democrats who woke up to a big blow, as their first chance of gaining a seat in the House and the momentum that would have gone with it didn’t materialize.

Yesterday in California Republican Brian Bilbray successfully fought off Democrat Francine Busby to fill an open seat in the House. Democrats had been planning for months to steal this seat and make it their first pickup on the road to regaining control.

As I have written on several occasions, Democrats have fallen into the trap set by the liberal media believing that for some crazy reason the demographics of the country have changed. What Democrats fail to realize is that despite Iraq and a President that has had his issues, more Americans still believe in the core principals of the Republican Party. For Democrats to think that because some in the Republican Party have deviated from those principals, that its supporters would turn and vote Democrat is bad thinking. What Democrats need to realize and why Bilbray was able to win yesterday is that despite these shortfalls the majority of the nation, particularly the nations heartland, still relate more with conservative principals then they do with views of those in the shrinking northeast and west coast.

The reality is when the majority of the country thinks of Democrats, they think of a party that is associated with the attempt to tear apart the sanctity of marriage, a party that is against the power of prayer and Gods role in life, a party that is behind the continuous attempt by some to weaken the role parents play in raising their children, a party that would rather defend the rights of a murderer on death row then that of an unborn child, a party that believes the government not the worker is better at spending the country’s wealth and the list goes on.

Sure Iraq is an issue that doesn’t sit well currently with many Americans but most Americans understand why we’re there and it won’t alter their votes come November, as it didn’t alter their votes yesterday in California. The biggest risk to Republicans is not Iraq or the failures of FEMA but themselves. If Republicans are able to stay out of the trap Democrats have fallen into and stick to their core principals November will once again leave Democrats on the outside looking in and until Democrats stop running their party as if San Francisco and the New York Times are the pulse of the country it will stay that way for a long time.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An indication of MTA efficiency:

We have all heard the saying that if government institutions were subjected to the scrutiny of Wall Street, their stock price would never see the light of day. When it comes to the MTA, my Metro Card is a good example why.

First let me say the Metro Card in itself is a great product. Just the simple fact that I no longer have to wait on line to be treated to a nasty attitude from a teller who has a chip the size of the Empire State Building on their shoulder, makes it the best invention to come out of this city besides the EZ-Pass, which carries the same benefit.

The problem with the Metro Card is not its functionality but the marketing the MTA places on it. My current Metro Card has printed on it, “Si ves algo, di algo”, followed by what to me is gibberish in Spanish. I can also bet that there is some Spanish person who doesn’t speak English walking around with one that says to hold kids hands in English.

I liked to know what is the MTA’s goal here. Is it to just hope that eventually you might get a card that reflects the language you speak? Considering the messages the MTA is trying to send are obviously one of various safety issues, you would think they would find a way to get the right cards in the right hands.

The current process of just flying blind with these cards not only is a waste of a good idea its annoying for proud Americans who gave up their ancestors national language to embrace English to have to look at a card in Spanish.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Plight of the Migrants

In today's Wall Street Journal, the High Inquisitor of the Untied Nations (that's not a typo), his Royal Highness Kofi Annan has a lovely little opinion piece defending the plight of the migrant worker. His poignant examples using references everyone can relate to, such as "the family in the classic Senegalese film, 'Le Mandat'..." really helped to drive his message home. Who knew Senegal had a film industry, much less classic films? But, I digress... So what was that message, you may wonder? His 10 blabbering paragraphs on why migrant workers are beneficial only served to further prove one point about the man -- and I'm not talking about his knowledge of classic Sengalese films -- and that is the fact that he is an idiot and misses the point completely.

Look, no one in this country is arguing the benefits of "migration" (I like his choice of word -- not immigration, but migration -- gives the connotation of innocent, hardworking people, hunched over with heavy sacks on their backs, moving in borderless lands in search of work, food, better lives.) This country was founded on people "migrating" here to achieve lives not attainable in their places of birth. We accept that, we embrace that; that's who we are and what makes us great.

What most of us have a problem with are the people who do it by breaking the law. There's a big difference between doing something the right way and doing it the wrong way. Most of us oppose people who do it the wrong way. This is our country and we have rules about how you can enter our country. We like you to follow those rules. If you follow those rules and like being here, you might like to stay and become one of us. We don't have a problem with that. We simply don't like it when you sneak in here behind our backs, because that is breaking the rules.

But, then again, seeing as how Mr. Annan "migrated" here with full diplomatic immunity, it would make sense that he would have no understanding and no respect for our rules or our laws. Afterall, they don't apply to him, do they?

Don’t forget our Social:

Just a reminder that tomorrow night the NYYRC Events Committee will be holding its monthly social in coordination with the clubs Community Outreach Committee.

The social will be held at Katwalk located on 35th on the corner of 5th from 6:30 to 9:30.

This month social is especially important to attend since Katwalk will donate 10% of sales and 100% of tips to the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation.

So come down, order a drink from our special YR bartenders and help raise money for a great cause.

Ben Smith, toe-to-toe with Fox News

Check it out... Ben Smith goes at it with Fox News (Above link from his blog).
Karol also defends him on her blog:
Gotta tell ya - I'm a fan of Ben, he's a good egg.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The data shows free markets are more powerful then minimum wage:

This morning the much-anticipated job numbers for the month of May were released showing continued growth. Digging into the Department of Labor’s release I was more focused on the average hourly earnings per worker. What I found is that the numbers show capitalism and free markets don’t need the help of politicians to keep workers in a position to live comfortably.

For the month of May average hourly earnings for the country was $16.59. This compares to the current minimum wage of $5.15, three times the rate set by the government. People on the left have to ask themselves how and why would companies offer wages three times the set amount on average if they don’t have too. The reason is because they must. Adam Smith explored why over two hundred years ago in his chapter “of the wages of labor” showing why he’s the father of modern day capitalism. In this chapter Adam Smith points out how owners of business cannot “reduce wages below a certain rate”. The reason is that businesses need to ensure that their workers are paid a wage that is sufficient enough to maintain them and their family. Further he also pointed out how “wages vary with the cost of learning the business”. What Smith is saying, is the more you spend on your education the more you must be compensated by an employer to reflect it. This is why those who go to law school and pass the bar graduate into a higher pay situation then someone who gets a two-year degree at a local college or worse just enters the job market out of high school.

Looking at today’s data further we find that not one industry had an average annual earnings close to the minimum wage rate. Even retail where companies like Wal-Mart are constantly attacked for pay, offer average wages of $12.53 or two and half times the minimum. Even more interesting if we compare average hourly wages over last year we see that they have increase $0.56 or 3.5% from $16.03, more than the current inflation rate. Again this rise over the last year was done not because of legislation by politicians but by the invisible hand of capitalism.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcome a primary:

Well unless someone decides to bailout, it appears Republicans will be facing a primary for both Governor and Senator. In my opinion this is the best thing that could happen to the party’s chances of winning come November.

Thanks to Democrats unanimously supporting Hillary and Spitzer there is no further story for people to follow for a few months. A Republican primary however will give our candidates free time with New Yorkers as they will get to layout their plans while Democrats will have nothing to do but watch from the sidelines. The extra press and face time is nothing but a positive come November.

Finally it will keep Republicans and each candidate’s troops energized as they fight a primary battle. By the time the real thing rolls around the winner will have a tremendous amount of momentum at its back and in full stride while the Democrats will just be putting on their running shoes.

What the decision by the Department of Homeland security to cut funding to New York tells us, is that New York’s representatives have no power:

This morning we awoke to the front pages of our newspapers complaining how the Department of Homeland security has abandoned New York. It appears every representative in the city took it as an opportunity to trash the administration on the issue. I however think the DHS decision should cause New Yorkers to ask themselves a different question. Just how powerful are our representatives in Washington when it comes to allocating money?

We constantly hear about all the pork barrel spending that takes place in Washington. The problem is as New Yorkers, you never hear that any of it is for us. If you recall I placed a post a couple weeks ago titled “Big Spenders” in regards to the emergency-spending bill for Iraq and Katrina floating through Washington that has passed the President’s called for amount because Washington representatives decided to overflow it with pork spending for people like sugarcane growers in Hawaii. If you recall I pointed out how Senator McCain tried to get this pork stripped only to have it voted down and kept in, with Hillary and Schumer more than happy to be on the side to give money to Hawaiian farmers.

This is just one example of many where New York is left on the short end. The problem is that the majority of New Yorkers are so consumed with the idea of having a liberal democrat represent them because of things like gay marriage and abortion that they fail to hold them accountable for anything else. I compare New York representatives in Washington to those poor three Republican soles in the City Council who are forced to just sit there and watch as everyone else gets to make the rules. Though in New York we sit and listen to Schumer, Hillary and even Weiner talk a big game everyday to us, when it comes to getting New York its share they have no game.

Considering New York was the target of attack for two WTC bombings and numerous other plots, the DHS decision to cut our funding is definitely head scratching. However instead of attacking the DHS, our papers and voters should be attacking their representatives asking them “why did we vote you in again”. Maybe if Hillary and Schumer weren’t so worried about funding Hawaiian sugarcane farmers they might have had more time to actually get money sent back to the state who voted them in.

Join the YRs for Happy Hour!!!

Clear you calendars!!

The Community Outreach Committee and the Events Committee encourage you to join us for our June social...Happy Hour!

Jen, Angelique, Sean and myself will be trying our hand at bartending (haha....hope you guys like beer!! :)) for a great cause! Katwalk will donate 10% of sales and 100% of our tips to the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation. It should be a great night for a great cause, so please join us:

Tuesday, June 6th (yes, D-day) from 6:30-9:30 at Katwalk on 35th by the corner of 5th. I will post the happy hour specials shortly.

Questions? Email, or post to the blog!

Way to go NYYRC!!

Hello club! This is my first post....for those of you who don't know me, my name is Alanna Crawford and I am the vice-chair for the community outreach committee. I'd like to thank everyone for your support of our projects all year long.

I'd especially like to thank you for all of the contributions to our Memorial Day phone card drive for "our" troops! We were able to collect 25 cards~ I can assure you they will be used and very much appreciated! Now it's on to our 4th of July care package.....the theme is "food and fun" and, of course, anything patriotic!

As always, email with any questions!