Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No to Yucca Mt. Means No to Nuclear Power

In all of President Obama's grand statements about creating solutions for America's energy issues, not once has he even mentioned nuclear power as an option for powering our growing urban centers. His decision to cut funding for the development of the nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain is a sign that he has no intention of supporting the expansion of nuclear power.

Think about it. The government will not grant permits for the construction of more nuclear plants if it cannot find a place to store the waste we have already created and stockpiled all over the country.

Maybe Obama is just kicking the can down the road so that he doesn't have to deal with the highly politicized issue. But in the last 20 years, the federal government has spent $7 billion of taxpayer money to develop the facility. Whatever Obama's reasons for refuting all things nuclear, we deserve an answer as to how our government plans to account for all that wasted cash.

Listen To Rush Before Bashing Him

Andrew Klavan makes a great point in his LA Times column. Hey liberals...before bashing Rush Limbaugh and comparing him to most hateful voices of our time...why don't you LISTEN TO HIM.

Hey, I rarely believe in anything that Keith Olberman says, but I still watch Countdown every now and then. It is quite an entertaining show and the same goes for Bill Maher. It is important that liberals start hearing divergent voices, because it will challenge their beliefs and prevent them from just being Obamadrones.

It's interesting how during the Iraq war, liberals tried to make heroes out of stooges such as Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan, but now when Rush Limbaugh opposes THEIR president's policies, then he must be destroyed. What is the difference with these two forms of dissent? And don't forget about a movie that was made looking at the fallout of a potential President Bush assassination. I know...liberals...when Rush said "I hope he fails" about President Obama that was much worse than a docudrama about the assassination of a sitting president.
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The Democratic Party now feels that they have to sabotage the Republicans and demonize the opposition to get their agenda passed. They should learn from George W. Bush, who ran the country the best way he saw fit, without going after his harshest critics. It is so sad that President Obama wants to play politics when the country is going through two wars and a terrible economy. He should learn from Ronald Reagan and JFK, who brought civility and class to oval office. The country badly wants to return to the Washington of those eras and President Obama should follow suit.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Tells Gore To Stop Making A Fool of Himself

Al Gore never ceases to amaze me. First, he is caught having more electricity running in his house than Yankee Stadium. Now, during Earth Hour, when everyone was supposed to live in darkness starting 8:30 PM Saturday as a sign of "limitin" our carbon footprint and saving the planet from global warming....what does Al Gore do? Well...of course he had bright spotlights shine on the trees at the entrance to his driveway.

So Mr. Gore's lesson is this...conserve energy at all times unless it is shining on mother nature itself. Nice lesson. Let's look at what I did during "Earth Hour," shall we. I was watching American Gangster on HBO...with half of the lights on in the tiny living room of my tiny Gramercy Apartment.

Carbon Footprint: KP defeats Gore by a mile.

And I wasn't trying to save the environment. Just living my life. What a concept. Now can Al Gore and rest of the far left blowhards stop their hypocritical grandstanding. The earth doesn't need any more of their hot air.

New York City Tax Day Tea Party!

Say no to spending and pork and support tax cuts on Tax Day, nationwide!

The Details
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: City Hall Park, New York, New York

The first NYC Tea Party was a huge success. This time there will be more media and a louder voice. Great speakers and a huge crowd.

For more information about Tea Parties nationwide, check out www.TaxDayTeaParty.com

For events in New York State: www.TaxDayTeaParty.com/teaparty/new-york

If you're interested in helping organize the event, or want to find out more information, email nycteaparty@gmail.com

The Coming Federal Budget Deficit

The U.S. budget deficit over the next ten years will be larger than the combined economies of India, Russia, Brazil, Spain, and Canada.

Click here to read more by American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Kevin A. Hassett.

Taxes Will Go Up For Everyone

President Obama likes to tell us that only the rich will see higher taxes. And only the energy companies will face higher fees through the cap-and-trade scheme.

Being a liberal means never having to say you know a darn thing about economics. In a dynamic economy, tax hikes are never confined to just one group or sector. The costs are passed on, and the lower savings rates and the lower spending that result hurts everyone.

The National Center for Policy Analysis explains it clearly here.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

To Liberty!

Book recommendation, written by my favorite talk radio host, Mark Levin:

Liberty and Tyranny


Shrink This Budget!

The spending thus far in the Obama administration has been nothing short of fantastic in size – a $787 billion worth of “stimulus” and a $410 omnibus spending bill, $1.1 trillion of “toxic asset” purchases by the Federal Reserve, and more. On the heels of a Bush administration that had already spent $700 billion of its own on “stimulus” and a host of other programs related to financial “recovery,” total outlays of government spending related to the recession hovers around $9 trillion.

Next up is the president’s budget. At $3.55 trillion it is a whopper! Up $650 from 2008 and remarkable in that it represents a return of Carter era-like big government. More than a few have noted that it puts the United States under a modern European government. For champions of limited government it is a danger for this reason alone, but there lies a more urgent reason as well.

We Republicans MUST be as vocal as possible about the danger this budget poses to future prosperity and the United States’ prominence in the world. The spending is too much already – there is a reason why the dollar is in doubt. It puts an impossible burden on American taxpayers in the future. The other way the government can pay backs debt is to print money. This is called monetizing debt and it’s begun already. Put another way, we are risking the full faith and credit of the United States, the solvency of our government. Crises of that scope don’t end well!

Republicans, be heard! Call your Congressman and Senators! Let your friends and family know that you’re concerned! Spread the spirit of LIMITED GOVERNMENT! Here is their contact information.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

More on Why the EFCA Should Not Become Law

Richard Epstein's paper THE EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE ACT: Free Choice or No Choice for Workers is available from the Manhattan Institute. It's a great resource for understanding exactly why the Employee Free Choice Act will irrevocably harm American workers and the economy.

From the executive summary:

"As constructed, the 'free choice' act excludes workers from two areas vital to their welfare: union selection and contract ratification. Its compulsory arbitration structure introduces a partial but large-scale, covert government takeover of the private sector. As America faces imploded financial markets and the highest structural unemployment in a generation, the EFCA is a misguided law that it cannot afford."

Liberals Want More Defense Cuts

The Hill reports that liberals in Congress want to see more cuts in defense spending, but not to save taxpayer money. Instead they want to allocate the cash for more social welfare spending.

They claim that the cuts would target weapons programs that either don't work or have already cost too much money to develop. What they won't tell you is that the overly long budgeting and development periods for these systems is due in large part to their intransigence to defense spending in the first place. Their stalling tactics on the development of the joint strike fighter, next generation nuclear weapons, and other items for our 21st Century military is what causes the cost of these systems to rise.

And let's not forget the fact that we are at war and cutting defense spending during wartime makes about as much sense as raising taxes during an economic recession. Oh, wait, liberals support that, too. Never mind...

MTA Travesty

The fare hikes that the MTA approved this past week are the biggest sign we'll ever get that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is an overwrought, overrated, lousy, wasteful excuse of an agency. When steep price hikes are matched with deep service cuts, you know an agency is in trouble, likely beyond repair.

We cannot let this pass without a fight. The New York Daily News has been out in front of the issue. They've made their case for who to blame and how to make your voice heard.

Health Reform Monologue

18 health care groups have banded together to create what they call the Health Reform Dialogue. This statement mostly mirrors the Obama administration's take on the health care issue, but it leaves out some rather important issues, like how to pay for it.

Give Our Veterans What They Deserve

This is an item worthy of your attention:

H.R. 333 - a.k.a. The Disabled Veterans Tax Termination Act

Summary: Permit retired members of the Armed Forces who have a service-connected disability rated less than 50 percent to receive concurrent payment of both retired pay and veterans’ disability compensation, to eliminate the phase-in period for concurrent receipt, to extend eligibility for concurrent receipt to chapter 61 disability retirees with less than 20 years of service.

This bill was introduced in the 110th Session, but went nowhere. It was reintroduced on January 8, 2009, but it is stuck in committee again. How much deliberation does a simple bill like this need? They've already had two years to discuss it.

Call or email your representatives today and let them know you want our veterans to get the benefits they deserve now.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't Give Up the European Missile Defense

Poland is calling on the United States not to cave in to the Russians over the missile defense system we had planned to install there. Lately President Obama has been willing to use the system as a bargaining chip in order to achieve better relations with Russia.

Such a move is ill-advised. Inconsistency and noncommittal attitudes with allies does not make for good foreign policy. Improving strained relations with certain nations should not be achieved at the expense of good relations with nations that stand by us like Poland.

Treading Carefully in Unchartered Waters

The (self) righteous anger that emerged from Congress last week over the AIG bonus situation was a perfect example of just the type of damage that can come from the government during trying economic times. After shrugging aside the role that Christopher Dodd played in allowing the AIG bonuses to go forward in the first place, the redistributionists now want to punish AIG and other beneficiaries of bailout bucks by imposing a 90 percent tax on those same bonuses.

The Obama administration and some cooler heads on Capitol Hill are justifiably squeamish about the idea. It may be unconstitutional. It also sets a bad precedent of targeting specific groups with punishing taxes. If this new tax flies, who can say where it will lead next? Media companies that generate product critical of the government? Manufacturers not deemed to be environmentally friendly?

Robert Samuelson, who is probably one of the best economic columnists around, wrote today that while government has sometimes actually come to the rescue in prior economic emergencies, subscribing to the theory that government should have a controlling hand in our markets is a dangerous proposition.

President Obama said on 60 Minutes that "we can't govern outta anger." He's right. But he may have to face down his comrades in Congress if he truly intends to stand by that point.

All Eyes on Tedisco Race

Over 70 Young Republicans from around New York State gathered in Troy this past weekend to campaign for Jim Tedisco, who is looking to win the 20th Congressional District in a special election on March 31. It's a close race and everyone is watching this one.

As the first special Congressional election of the Obama administration, many are considering this race to be a referendum on the stimulus package. Assemblyman Tedisco's opponent has publicly endorsed the stimulus, complete with its wasteful spending and its gaping loopholes that allowed distressed companies like AIG to pay its executives huge bonuses with taxpayer money.

If you want to show your support by volunteering for Tedisco or spreading the word about his campaign to bring fiscal responsibility to Washington, there is still time to help out. Visit www.JimTedisco.com.

AP covers Monserrate indictment, omits his party affiliation

As if you needed more proof of the liberal media bias and death of journalism, check out this AP article, where the Associated Press covers the indictment of Queens state senator Hiram Monserrate, and omits one key piece of information - his party affiliation.

Hiram Monserrate is a Democrat. If he was an indicted Republican, the AP and every other member of the "drive-by" liberal media would gleefully include that fact. What did Hiram do? On December 19, Hiram slashed his girlfriend's face with broken glass, and the gash over her eye required 25 stitches. Of course, Hiram claimed his innocence, just like every guilty criminal. He said it was an accident, like the stabber whose defense is "she walked into my knife."

Again, if Hiram was a Republican, that fact would be in the story. But the drive-by liberal media doesn't report the news anymore. They report whatever will advance their cause. Journalism is dead. Journalism is now pure propaganda.

Monday, March 16, 2009

President Obama: Cooling As The Weather Is Warming

As the temperature begins to get warmer with spring just a week away, President Barack Obama's approval ratings are heading in the other direction. Yes, the American public is cooling to the 44th president of the United States and he could use some global warming right about now. The president's approval rating has fallen to 56% in the latest Rasmussen poll after being 65% on innauguration day. However what's more striking for President Obama is that his disapproval rating has surged to 43% in Rasmussen and 34% in the more left-leaning CNN/Opinion Research poll. So why has "the annointed one" fallen from such favor?

Clive Crook in the Financial Times states that the president has lost the center of the country who supported him over John McCain in the election. He states that the American people though they were getting a centrist, but instead have received an ideological liberal. He even states that President Obama's attacks on Rush Limbaugh made him look "silly" and the public thought with the economy the way it is that this was no time to play politics. Simply put, the American people thought they were getting a president who was above petty Washington partisanship, but instead they received a guy who revels in it.
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David P. Gushee in USA Today makes the central point that evangelicals who voted for Obama thought he would bridge the divide brought forth by the culture wars, but instead those barriers have held firm. Gushee had hoped that the Democratic Party platform of trying to limit abortions meant that they were attempting to move to the center on that issue. Instead, the president's reversal of the Mexico City Policy, his appointment of strong abortion advocate Kathleen Sebelius, and his allowing of embryonic stem cell research has alienated social conservatives and even moderates. President Obama has launched an attack on life in favor of groups such as planned parenthood

However, his biggest source of disapproval comes from his managing of the economy through massive government spending that has yet to generate any sort of economic recovery. President Obama knows that if his stimulus package fails that he will be a very unpopular president and for the first time in over two years he is not receiving overwhelming admiration from the public.

Adam Nagourney in a front page piece in today's New York Times states that the administration is "Bracing For a Backlash On Wall Street Bailouts." They are worried that people could start to show their anger over the bailing out CEO's and executives and that ultimately a populist uprising could breakout. They are also fearful that since Obama was a Harvard Law School professor and a Hyde Park resident in Chicago, that he can be easily tied to elitist Wall Street types who are benefitting from his policies. If this turns out to be true, Obama could lose a lot of support in states like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana that were crucial to his presidential victory. That would put the party in tough shape for the 2010 midterm election and maybe even make the president vulnerable for reelection in 2012

The worst news for President Obama is that he can no longer blame this bad economy on Bush, because the public is no longer buying it. Carter also got a pass for a while because of Nixon and Ford, but eventually his horrid policies proved to be his undoing. The Republicans have a great chance to gain seats in Congress as long as they stand on their principles of individualism and personal responsibiilty. The public is getting a taste of what America will be if both don't exist anymore and they are starting to get a bitter taste in their mouth. The Revolution has begin and the president must adjust or deal with the consequences. It is crucial for Republicans to stay on message and give the American people an alternative. It is what the party needs to gain strength and once again have major role in formulating policy in Washington, D.C.

What Does a Trillion Dollars Look Like?

Click here for an impressive visualization.

Beware Fairness Doctrine II

The Democrats recognized early that reinstalling the Fairness Doctrine was a non-starter with the American public at large. After all, how do you convince people that all political views aren't being expressed in the public square when pretty much everyone has access to 500 television channels, 1,000 satellite radio stations, 4-6 million blogs, and some 10-15 million Web sites.

Of course, the real reason behind the liberal love affair with the Doctrine is to break the hold conservatives have on talk radio. They couldn't do it through commerce. Remember that farce known as Air America radio?

So now those wily donkeys have come up with something new: the Durbin Doctrine. This new and improved Fairness Doctrine means to "promote diversity in communication media ownership." This is a delightfully nebulous way of saying that the Democrats in Congress will repeal and redistribute broadcast licenses at will in order to push like-minded programming that will drown out opposing views.

Stalin would be so proud.

Pelosi Quietly Downgrades Impact of Stimulus

During the heady days of February when the Democrats were eagerly auctioning off our future with their fantastic stimulus package, Speaker Nancy Pelosi bragged that the $750-plus billion ($1 trillion including interest) package would create or save 4 million new jobs.

Now, some three weeks later, she's talking about 3 million jobs saved or created.

Do I hear 2 million? 1 million? Do I hear a washout?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleight of Hand in State Budget

Gov. David Paterson and State Senate Leader Sheldon Silver announced this past week that they will be able to hold the line on some of their ridiculous tax increases (iPod tax, soda tax, etc.) by using the $5 billion block grant due to New York State from the federal spendulus package.

The big problem here, as outlined by E.J. McMahon of the Manhattan Institute, is that Albany is going to be using this new chunk of cash to increase spending. That's all well and good for this year, but what about next year when there is no stimulus to cover those spending increases?

I guess that means that we have not killed the iPod tax; we've just postponed it for a little while.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Freedom Among Tyranny

It now seems apparent, obvious to me that we've put in office a doctrinaire Marxist. This statement might seem unnecessarily controversial, but anyone who takes the time to familiarize themselves with Marx and the history of Communism would likely agree. (Why else would he be demonizing our capitalist system and its producers from the Presidential podium on a regular basis, driving our stock market down and down and down, without respite?) Or, to paraphrase David Limbaugh, if you still doubt his Marxism, then ask yourself: How would a Marxist act if elected president?

In light of this fact, and in light of our utterly incomprehensible foreign policy, I pose a question:

Does it seem unlikely that before the end of this (I pray only) 4 years, Israel and Taiwan, beacons of liberty in seas of totalitarianism, will be betrayed by our president?

After all, in his view they represent unprogressed societies, halfway, backward societies, waiting for the Great Liberation that is Communism.

Project Fierce: Rebuilding the American Auto Industry

Intrepid automotive critic and indomitable gear head George J. Notaras has come up with the ultimate plan to save America's automobile industry. Notaras's plan, called Project Fierce, illustrates a number of practical and necessary steps to bring America back to to the top of the automotive heap, such as it is.

Among the items:

  • The engineer or engineers that increase horsepower and performance while simultaneously improving economy will win a date with Jessica Alba.
  • Immediately ban all minivans—the automotive equivalent to stretch pants, which say to the world “I have given up on life and just don’t care anymore.” I would institute an anonymous Minivan for Muffins exchange program.
  • Immediately discontinue all overlapping, uncompetitive and just plain dated models (i.e. Mercury).
  • Mandate that all packaging and technology items be under the control of the Apple Computer industrial designers. No exceptions.

There are many more suggestions like these, but I heartily encourage you to read them for yourself.

And remember, when Notaras's nomination comes up for America's car czar, be sure to show your support. He's likely the best man President Obama could find for the job. He's not a Democrat, but at least that guarantees that he has paid his taxes.

More Reasons to Reject Card Check...

...including the double-standard that applies for entering and leaving a union, the mandatory arbitration provision, and other little tidbits that will ultimately harm American workers and the economy.

Check it out here at Real Clear Markets.

Freeman Blames the Jews for Failed Intelligence Nomination

Charles Freeman, who had been nominated to run President Obama's National Intelligence Council, withdrew his nomination this week in the face of growing criticism over his background. Freeman's nomination became increasingly in doubt after it became known that he was an apologist of the Tiananmen Square Massacre and someone who has questionable ties to the Chinese, and even more questionable views on Israel and the Middle East.

Rather than accept his fate as the tide turned against him, Freeman decided to fall back on an old, tired, and rather shameful excuse: he was the victim of the pro-Israel lobby - that Illuminati-like mystery cabal that supposedly holds sway over America's foreign policy.

Did Israelis lobby against Freeman? Frankly, I think that's beside the point. What gets me is that, rather than accepting his fate and taking it like a man, Freeman chose to ignore his own shortcomings and blame a nameless, faceless group.

Obama Too Tired to Treat PM Brown with Proper Respect

Many people are skeptical about President Obama’s foreign policy skills, but offering a welcoming hand to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown ought to be a no-brainer. Great Britain is our oldest and staunchest ally. Obama has superhuman charm skills and you’d think he would be a great host. You'd think.

Brown came to Washington and met a White House and a State Department that was embarrassingly unprepared for his arrival. No state dinner, no joint press conference. Brown presented Obama with the definitive biography of Winston Churchill and then found out that the bust of Churchill given by Tony Blair to George W. Bush was returned by Obama’s staff to the British embassy. Brown then presented Obama with a pen holder made from the timber of a warship that combated the slave trade. In return Obama gave Brown a stack of Hollywood DVDs. Doubly unthoughtful because Brown is blind in one eye and thereof is not much of a movie buff, and the DVDs are not compatible with British playing systems.

The excuse the White House gave for this embarrassing performance was that Obama is overwhelmed with handling the financial crisis and is exhausted and out of sorts. He's this exhausted after 50 days? And people are comparing him to FDR and Lincoln?

One State Department official, when questioned by the London Telegraph, compounded the embarrassment by insulting the special relationship between America and Great Britain. “There's nothing special about Britain. You're just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn't expect special treatment."

If this is a clue to how our foreign policy is going to be handled over the next four years, then we have some serious problems coming our way.

This is a sneak peek at the Friday Digest available at The Patriot Post

Get on the BUS, and come to TROY!

NYSYR Tedisco Campaign Weekend in Troy, NY.
March 21-22, 2009
The NYYRC is going to rent a bus, which will leave from Manhattan on Saturday, March 21 at 7 a.m., tentatively. I am going up to Troy on Friday night, but Jen Gallacher will be there Saturday morning, and Villamor Asuncion will be on the bus with you. We are renting the bus because we expect about 30 people.

The bus will leave Troy on Sunday night, after dinner. So please confirm that you are definitely in, so we can arrange the bus and the hotel rooms. If you are definitely coming, you must let me and Jen Gallacher know, so we can get you a spot on the bus and a hotel room.

The club will book the hotel room, and pay your registration, food and transportation. If you don't confirm that you are definitely coming, we can't book a hotel room for you. More information is available at http://www.nysyr.us/events/2009_Spring_Meeting.pdf .

Republican Jim Tedisco, currently the minority leader in the Assembly, is running for Congress against Democrat Scott Murphy, in Congressional District 20, the seat vacated by Kirsten Gillibrand. The Special Election is Tuesday, March 31. Our goal is to retake the House, and that goal begins with Jim Tedisco on March 31!

So get on the bus, and I'll see you in Troy!

~ Matthew Hindin
NYYRC Campaign Chair

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Open Letter to all YRs -- Bloomberg and the Republican Party Line

Dear Fellow YRs,
There's been much talk lately about the YRs and whether or not we're endorsing the idea of Mayor Mike Bloomberg running as a Republican. A couple of our sister clubs are against the idea. Specifically, the Brooklyn and Bronx YRs have come out against Bloomberg, asking their County Chairman to "Say No!" Brooklyn Chairman Craig Eaton held a meeting last week where Brooklyn's GOP endorsed Bloomberg.

Here in Manhattan, the NY County Republican Party has made the sound decision to honor the process by allowing the Committee Officers and District Leaders to screen any and all candidates for office. These actions of recognition and respect for the individuals that make up the backbone and the grassroots operation of Manhattan's GOP are just a few reasons why we have the largest and most active YR Club in the Country.

The NYYRC, Inc. will abide by our governing documents and not endorse any candidates until the Primary Election has concluded. We are an organization with an extremely large constituency and as Republicans we believe in individual freedoms and liberties, i.e. the NYYRC Executive Board WILL NOT tell our members how to think and which candidates to support. Again, we have binding documents that we will abide by. We have and will continue to encourage our members to get involved in any campaigns that they support. We will NOT alienate our members, but disseminate information and support their choices.

I hope this clears up any confusion that folks out there have. We here at the NYYRC are about open and frank discussions, because the best ideas always perculate to the top. That's why we're Republicans!

Lynn Krogh
NYYRC - President

Call Rep. McHugh - Don't Support Card Check!

Union-beholden Democrats submitted the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) today in Congress and Representative John McHugh (NY-23) turned up as one of three Republicans out of the 223 co-sponsors of the bill.

EFCA is many things, but "free" is certainly not one of them. It's main goal is to take away workers' right to a secret ballot so that unions can openly shame, cajole, and intimidate those who do not vote to support unionization of their shops.

Unions and their supporters have no problem trying to shout down any opposition to the EFCA. Maybe it's time we started shouting up our own opposition. Rep. McHugh's Washington office can be reached at (202) 225-4611. Give him a call and let him know that you do not support EFCA, and neither should he. It's bad for workers, and it's bad for our country. Be nice, but be firm.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Is Rush Bad For The Republican Party?

Newsweek has released this week's cover story by David Frum entitled "Why Rush is Wrong." It is an interesting take on the central figure of the conservative movement in America, but doesn't completely understand Rush's message.

David Frum is one of main critics of conservatives who want to return the Republican Party to the policies of Ronald Reagan. He believes that the party needs to retire its fascination with tax cuts and come up with real world solutions for health care and the environment. He also believes that they need to tone down criticism of abortion and gay rights by becoming more socially moderate. His evidence shows that Republicans are slipping in states that they used to own like California and are not receiving a majority of the youth or college-educated vote. «Read More»

However...this problem was not caused by Rush Limbaugh. The Republican Party lost the youth vote because it lost its ability to communicate its message to younger voters. The party was totally vacant from Social Networks and Text Messaging and continues to have no role in popular culture (unless you consider it's portrayal of Sarah Palin as a demon that must be destroyed). If your message is not where young people spend their time, then how can you expect them to vote for you?

The GOP lost the college-educated vote because it didn't present a consistent alternative to the big government policies being presented by the Democrats. Also...don't forget that the candidate who made the best case for tax cuts during the election was Obama...and not McCain. When the GOP loses the tax cuts argument, how can you expect them to receive college educated voters? Who wouldn't vote for a man who told them if they make less than $250,000 a year they would receive a tax cut? All McCain offered was more of the same from President Bush's playbook...as President Obama said. People wanted change and the GOP didn't deliver.

The principles espoused by Rush Limbaugh every Monday-Friday are the tenets of conservatism that must not waiver under any attack from any group. He believes in personal responsibility and individual liberty. He believes that all Americans should be able to accumulate wealth and create opportunities for themselves without government interference. Rush believes in a strong national defense to maintain our way of life and social policies that protect all human life.

Although Rush may come across as a little too "In Your Face" for intellectuals...he connects with everyday voters better than Mr. Frum or any other "conservative" stooges that Academia and the Media love. He is one of us. He loves America and the freedom that it provides. If the central tenets of America are so wrong, why do thousands of people put their lives on the line every year to reach its borders illegally.

The GOP was going to same sort of division when Gerald Ford lost reelection to Jimmy Carter in 1977. Ronald Reagan's speech at CPAC in 1976 reminded conservatives to stick to their principles and unite around a common message. A week ago at CPAC, Rush Limbaugh gave all of us a similar message. We conservatives must come together under the principles espoused by Rush Limbaugh and other prominent conservatives and find a leader who will fight for us. Infighting is very common amongst a group of people and it is nothing to be ashamed about. From this ideological battle we will come out stronger than before and be united as one to defeat President Obama, the Democrats, and their ideas for America. Yes we HOPE HE FAILS...and we win. Isn't that the point of having two parties?

Thursday, March 05, 2009


March 20-22, 2009

Come to Troy, NY for the NYSYR Spring Meeting and Tedisco Campaign Weekend, March 20-22, 2009.   Republican Jim Tedisco, currently the minority leader in the Assembly, is running for Congress against Democrat Scott Murphy, in Congressional District 20, the seat vacated by Kirsten Gillibrand.   The Special Election is Tuesday, March 31.  

Just ten days before that special election, the NYSYR is having its spring meeting.  After the meeting Saturday morning, the entire afternoons of Saturday and Sunday will be spent campaigning.  

Hotel, meeting, location, schedule and transportation information, as well as the official registration form, can be found:

The NYYRC will pay the $40 registration fee, and will pay for your transportation.  If you drive, the NYYRC will pay your gas.  We plan to rent cars, and leave from Manhattan. 

Questions can be directed to me, Matthew Hindin, at campaigns@nyyrc.com.

Besides campaigning, we will enjoy the Troy nightlife and celebrate Lynn Krogh's birthday in her hometown.  

I'll be there.  See you in Troy!

~ Matthew Hindin
NYYRC Campaign Chair

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

YRs Electing Republicans...

This past weekend, Members of the NYYRC and Team Renewal traveled to Naugatuck, Connecticut to help fellow YR Rosa Rebimbas in her quest to win the 70th State Representative District in CT. We walked the district and knocked on doors to remind folks that even though there was a snowstorm heading into town, it was important to come out and vote for Rosa. The Special Election took place yesterday and by a 78 vote margin, Rose won (1043-965)! Time and again, YRs make all the difference in these races and on behalf of the CTYRs, I humbly thank all those who helped to put Rosa over the top.

Let's harness this momentum and bring even more folks upstate to help Jim Tedisco in his special election campaign for the 20th Congressional District. If you're interested in helping, we've targeted the weekend of March 21st and 22nd and Email Matthew Hindin at Campaigns@nyyrc.com for more info. (Special Election: March 31st).

If you cannot commit to a weekend, please donate here: DONATE

Monday, March 02, 2009

Obama to Increase National Debt to $23 Trillion in Ten Years

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Editorial Board wrote an article that favors President Obama's spending priorities. Even they admit, however, "Under [Obama's] most optimistic scenario, the national debt will have nearly doubled again in 10 years, to $23 trillion." http://www.philly.com/inquirer/opinion/20090301_Editorial__The_Budget.html

$23 trillion. Just take a moment to say that out loud. Today, each American's share of our $10 trillion debt is over $35,000. When will we say, "Enough is enough"?

More Photos from the Tea Party

New York City Tea Party: GREAT SUCCESS!!!

The New York City Tea Party held on Saturday was major success as 300 to 400 people came out to protest President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package. Tea parties have been organized around the country in support of Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC a few weeks ago. The event featured a multitude of speakers who expressed their anger over the ridiculous spending being passed by this administration and the return of a big government and nanny state policies to Washington D.C .

From being at the event, I have to say that it was an proud day for Americans who cherish freedom and liberty. For sure, a basis of dissent has been established in New York City against policies that destroy entrepreneurship and the free market in the United States. This event also made me realize just how powerful Facebook is as an organizing tool. The New York City Tea Party was established on Facebook just a few days before the event was held and the turnout was stil huge. Republicans are finally learning how to use the web to organize and get their message across and that is so awesome. Below is a collection of links about the event from around the web.

New York Post - NY Anger on Taxing Turmoil

New York Daily News - Stimulus Critics Stage Tea Party

Instapundit (An first-hand account from Fred Siesel who was present at the event)

Free Republic (Commenters are on the message board are so pumped that the movement was a great success in New York City. They feel now that if the movement can be successful in such a liberal area, then it really is powerful)

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