Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Is this guy still talking?

The economy questions have been thrown at Spitzer and frankly he lost me at hello.

I think his strategy is to just keep talking and hope people fall asleep, so he can sneak out the back door.

What’s amazing is that both Faso and Suozzi both gave ideas on how to address the economy where Spitzer just keeps restating the question telling viewers what the problem is but not giving his solution.

Are people of this state kidding me!!!! I would have more respect for Democrats if they nominated Suozzi and he became Governor then elect this statue.

Oh wait he just said he would “raise the minimum wage”. Someone buy this guy an economics text book because everyone includes case study’s that show minimum wage loses jobs not make them.

Excuse me King Spitzer? You may have been out of school that day but prices are a reflection of wages not the other way around and raising the minimum wage will just mean that prices will go up to reflect it, putting those people right back where they started. All while making people lose their job.

Great first plan Eliot!

Town hall debate: Part 2

What do you know; King Spitzer has finally come out of his castle to face his lowly subjects.

The guy looks stiff.

Oh wait great question. Some women from Woodside just asked if he would “support a ban on partial birth abortion”.

After a short stutter, Spitzer said he would favor “late-term abortions”, as he put it.

I say before he supports “late-term abortions” he should have to sit in on one so he can watch first hand as the doctor punctures the skull of a baby who could live if the mother went into labor and watch as the doctor then sucks the baby’s brain out.

Having an abortion in the first trimester when there isn’t much there is one thing. Executing a baby whose internal organs and bone structured has formed is another.

Town hall debate:

Right this moment a town hall debate for governor is on NY1. So far I’ve only seen Faso and Souzzi.

Faso as always sounds great. I will say though that I was also impressed with Souzzi. How Democrats can vote for Spitzer over Souzzi really shows they have no clue.

I think Armitage owes Scooter an apology...

The likelihood that former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was the first to leak Valerie Plame’s name has become so clear that even The New York Times is reporting that he is probably the source.

The Wall Street Journal editorializes today on how disloyalty in the administration may have played a role in keeping this information from top Bush officials and suggests Patrick Fitzgerald may have played into the administration critics theory that the Bush administration was gunning to out Plame.

Armitage has yet to admit publicly he was the source, something he should have done long ago when Fitzgerald was going after Rove and Libby. He should admit his role in this affair and hopefully, finally put this issue to rest.

Maybe if Armitage had come out in the first place, more attention could have been paid to how Plame was able to get her husband assigned to the trip and the fact that his report has been widely discredited. Actually, that likely would have been ignored by mainstream media anyway.

Not news to the New York Times:

Over the last week Eliot Spitzer has been embroiled over a challenge by John Faso that he failed to pay the proper cost for a private jet. The jet, which was owned by a friend who is bidding on a state gambling contract, was used by Spitzer at below the fair cost of a normal flight.

Since the charge the Spitzer camp has been on the defensive defending the low price paid. Today the NY Sun is reporting that a Spitzer campaign official in response to the story:

“Said going forward the candidate would pay the full cost of charter flights”

What I want to know is why I can’t find one mention of the story in the New York Times? A stroll over to the NY Times website reveals nothing in regards to the story. Under the NY Times Eliot L Spitzer section, which lists all stories relating to him, not one article mentions his use of the private jet. The fact that Spitzer’s camp has acknowledged the claim and has said going forward they would do it different, proves that what Spitzer did wasn’t kosher.

This is only another example of my charge that the New York Times continues to shield Spitzer by failing to report damaging news about his campaign.

John Faso’s latest finding

Since Eliot Spitzer won’t properly explain to New Yorkers how his policies will affect New York, John Faso continues to do it for him.

John Faso’s campaign website has posted a new analysis (though I would call it a whitepaper) on how Spitzer’s school property tax plan would end up increasing taxes. This would make sense since there still hasn’t been any word from the Spitzer camp that they won’t raise taxes. The lack of response could also just be because, as usual, Democrats don’t think tax cuts matter. After all it was only a week ago when the New York State Democrat Chairman Denny Farrell admitted that tax cuts were “not a priority”.

Whether Democrats think they’re important or not they still have their consequences on the economy and your family’s pocket. As Faso’s analysis shows, the Spitzer plan will make your savings account that much smaller. With a possible 2007 economic slowdown on the horizon, New Yorkers are going to need a plan that keeps money in our pocket to better cope.

I encourage you to read the report and make your own conclusion.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Money or Time?

Today’s Wall St. Journal has a brief editorial titled, “Waiting Game”, that explains the health care crisis in Canada. Democrats in the U.S. love to point to Canada’s nationalized health care as a goal for America.

According to the editorial a Canadian study found that:

“In 2005 it found “total waiting time between referral from a general practitioner and treatment, averaged across all 12 specialties and 10 provinces was 17.7 weeks.”

“17.7 weeks”! That’s almost 5 months on my calendar. The moral of the story when comparing the U.S. and Canada’s health system is you pay for what you get.


Legislation that would create a searchable database of federal funding recipients (s.2590) has been held up in the Senate by a secret hold, an informal Senate procedure that allows members to anonymously delay legislation.

The bill had widespread bipartisan support and seemed likely to pass before the anonymous Senator interfered. So who is this anonymous Senator that is barring better transparency from our government? And what does he/she have to hide? has posted a suspect list and is eliminating the Senators who issue denials. Both Senators from NY are in the clear.

Let's hope the offending Senator will be revealed and shamed into rescinding the hold.

RedState believes Senator Stevens may be the culprit.

Update 2:
TPMmuckraker discovered that Coburn himself has accused Stevens. They speculate Stevens’ might be paying back Coburn for his failed attempt to block the infamous ‘Bridge to Nowhere.’

Update 3:
Stevens has now admitted he placed the hold, claiming he was concerned about the cost of the program, which is an interesting excuse.
From TPMmuckraker:
“The Congressional Budget Office has calculated that Coburn's proposal would cost "$4 million in 2007 and about $15 million [total] over the 2007-2011 period." By comparison, Stevens -- who's been called the "King of Pork" by one government watchdog -- was recently publicly lambasted for his appropriation of more than $200 million for the so-called "Bridge to Nowhere," which would link Ketchikan, Alaska (population 8,900) with its airport on Gravina Island (population 50).”

Let’s see, a Senator that pushed a bill that costs $200 million and benefits 50 Alaskans is criticizing a program that benefits the general public and costs $15 million over 4 years. How does he do that with a straight face?

Still Hiding:

Last night in Buffalo, the high King Eliot Spitzer, was a no show for a gubernatorial debate. The other two candidates, John Faso the Republican and Tom Suozzi a Democrat looking to beat Spitzer in the Primary, showed and attempted to make good use of their time. To me the highlight of the event is not what did Faso and Suozzi say but what did Eliot Spitzer say. Nothing!

For some strange reason Spitzer thinks if he stays behind the walls of his castle long enough, his opponents will go away. This though is a strategy that will only continue to hurt Spitzer. Sitting on his thrown while Faso catapults the walls of his campaign, will only continue to hurt New Yorker’s opinion of him.

The New York Times and Observer can only protect Spitzer for so long. At some point Spitzer will be forced to lower the bridge and start his attack. However considering we’re only two months away one has to wonder why the delay and why he allows Faso to continue to hit him without a valid response. The Faso camps latest attack on Spitzer’s use of a cronies (who’s looking for a state contract) jet plane at below market value, is just another example of Spitzer’s walls starting to crack.

Maybe it’s because Spitzer has no plan. Maybe Spitzer is concerned once he is forced to get on his horse and enter the battle he won’t know what to do with his sword. Spitzer has made a living hiding behind the media. Remember his vendetta against Wall St. was all done using jury by press conference. When one of his accused finally stood up and said, take me to court, the judge threw out most charges and on the rest he was found innocent.

My prediction is once Spitzer has to actually face Faso on the battlefield, he’ll be sent retreating. The only question is how strong will his allies in the media be able to hold line before the voters of New York realize Spitzer is not the answer for New York.

Invasion or Liberation?

Like you, everyday I either read an article or hear a story about Iraq. Reading and listening to these stories I’ve noticed that all of them include the same phrase, “since the invasion of Iraq”.

When hearing the use of the word “invasion” to describe Iraq I can only stop to think at how the media has played a huge part in trying to demoralize the nation with the use of subtle words. One word can change and shape a whole story and when you lead with the word “invasion” you’re attempting to subconsciously bend your audiences mind to associate everything they read next with negativity.

Now did we invade Iraq? Based on the pure definition of the word, which is when one nation enters the boarders of another, then yes. However so do other words that carry a more positive message. When you use the word “invasion” it should be because as a nation you plan on not only entering another countries boarders but also keeping it for yourself. For instance when Saddam invaded Kuwait.

The word I would like to see the media use when describing the Iraq War is, “liberation”. Did we not liberate the Iraqi people from the ruthless and deadly clutches of Saddam? Did we not give the government back to the people, another sign of liberation? I think the media’s decision to only use the term “invasion” is just another example of their ties to Democrats. When President Clinton sent troops to Mogadishu none of the media used the term “invasion”. When President Clinton sent military to Kosovo, the media didn’t use the word “invasion”. Why was that?

The next time you hear and read about Iraq and they choose to throw the word invasion in you face, keep liberation in your mind to replace it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Mainstream Media Fails Once Again

Last week, media touted the lasted breakthrough in stem cell research – a method that promised to extract stem cells without destroying the embryo – as the long sought answer to the stem cell debate. Unfortunately, they only read ACT’s press release and neglected to actually read the research. In the current issue of The Weekly Standard, Wesley J. Smith discusses the media’s failure to fact check in ‘Science by Press Release’.

Now that the truth has come to light, some mainstream media is at least offering more accurate reporting. Newsweek has an article which spells it out: “A more careful examination of Lanza's work showed he'd only proposed a new method, but hadn't in fact proved it worked from start to finish.”

The immediate overreaction to the news also played out in ACT’s (ACTC.OB) stock price, which from a low of 0.27 last week, rose to a high of 2.32 on Thursday and traded at 150x its average volume. On Friday, when it became clearer that this was all a bunch of hype, the stock dropped, closing at 0.96. This morning, it continues to decline.

Though I have no opposition to embryonic destruction, I do take issue with the way the left is manipulating millions of Americans by convincing them that embryonic stem cell research will provide miracle cures in the immediate future for everything from Alzheimer’s to diabetes if only Bush would lift the ban, without acknowledging that promising gains are being made with adult stem cells, that not much progress has been seen so far with embryonic stem cell lines so the first cure may be long off and the most important fact – there are no restrictions on private research, meaning corporations, charities, donors can all step in to make up for the lack of government funding.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Forever wasting time and money: Part 2

I’m still burning over my last post (see below) about members of the New York City Council calling for the latest season of Survivor to be pulled because of its race theme.

Besides my valid points earlier what is getting me going further, is that John Liu is heading this group up. Since when is Councilman Liu so concerned about bringing everyone together? John Liu, the guy who has fought local Flushing community groups to keep English off of stores in downtown Flushing! According to the MSNBC story Liu is against Survivor because:

“it could encourage racial division and promote negative typecasts”.

What does Liu think having signs only in Asian make life long Flushing residents who can’t read them feel? John Liu should spend more effort cracking down on Asian real-estate agencies in Flushing who fail to call non-Asians back when looking for a home or apartment in an effort to stack the neighborhood.

The Hypocrisy on this issue is amazing. Isn’t this also the same city whose 11th Congressional District Democrats are telling residents not to vote for the “white guy”? Is Liu worried about that one? He’ll rally against Survivor on the steps of City Hall but where is he on the issues above?

The New York City (Democrat) Council is a joke and it’s the New York media’s fault for giving them a constant free ride just because they’re Democrats

Forever wasting time and money:

Members of the New York City Council are at it again. In their never-ending quest to turn the lowest position in politics to being the mommies and daddies of all of America, members of the New York City Council are protesting against CBS’s Survivor according to a story on MSNBC.

In case you didn’t hear this season’s Survivor is going to have its contestants broken into groups by race, including white, black, Asian and Latino. The obvious rating stunt is too much for the City Council who wants the show pulled. No matter what you think of the concept the City Council has no business dictating what any show should include especially when it’s aired across the whole country. In case the City Council hasn’t heard, their opinions when it comes to all of America is as significant as Angola’s opinion when it comes to U.S. foreign policy.

John Liu, the leader of this anti-survivor group, should let that organization called the FCC dictate television and instead focus on what the taxpayers pay them for. If the City Council spent half as much energy listening instead of talking people in the Bronx and other low income neighborhoods wouldn’t be paying $7 for a box of cereal at that local bodega and instead would be getting it cheaper at Wal-Mart. Or low income student would be given vouchers at half the cost the City spends on them now at public-school to go to the private school of their choice freeing up money in the budget to be spent elsewhere, like on healthcare.

That’s all too much to ask from this City Council though, instead they rather tell some person in Spokane what they should be watching on TV.

A NY Times article I actually liked:

Diane Cardwell and Charles Bagli, wrote what I found was an interesting article on Elliot Spitzer titled, “As Spitzer Flexes, Bloomberg Team Feels the Strain”.

The article is about Elliot Spitzer and how he is basically already playing Governor by using his popularity to “put the brakes on projects that Mr. Bloomberg has been trying to accelerate”.

After reading the story I took a few things away from the article. One is the continued arrogance of Spitzer and his opinion that there is no way he can lose in November. His actions against many of the Mayors economic projects are just obvious attempts to delay things so he can come into office and take credit for the projects. Further his attitude appears like this whole election thing is just a formality and in most instances a nuisance, delaying what he thinks will be an indefinite reign over the State.

Seeing the hard time Spitzer is giving Bloomberg it will be interesting to see if the Mayor has the guts to endorse Faso or if he will jump on the Spitzer bandwagon in hopes that Spitzer will not make his life a complete hell.

I did have one complaint about the article. Not once in the whole story do the writers mention John Faso. How can they talk about the Governors race and only mention one candidate? It’s like John Faso doesn’t even exist to the New York Times. The writers could have easily gotten a quote from the Faso camp about Spitzer’s muscle flexing but for some weird (or conspiracy) reason they choose not too.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Plan B Finally Approved

After three years of stalling, the morning-after pill Plan B has finally been approved for over-the-counter sales to women 18 and over. Though there is not much that we can give Hillary Clinton credit for, it appears that the hold she placed on the nomination of the acting FDA director may have finally spurred a decision from the agency. It hurts to say this, but Clinton has actually done something I approve of. Now that she has shown she is capable of accomplishing something in the Senate, maybe she should consider doing something for New York instead of just planning her campaign for President...

Now I’m convinced people are crazy:

In the last two days I have read several stories about how employers may now be liable and sued by employees who are addicted to their Blackberry. If people are going to be allowed to sue because they check their e-mail every two seconds this country is finished.

First a Blackberry is not the only instrument to check e-mail as I see people everyday texting and e-mailing on other devices from regular cell phones to Sidekicks. To sue over Blackberry means you will now have precedent to sue over everything including that laptop your carrying.

What’s next? Suing George Steinbrenner because the Yankees are so good that watching them has ruined your marriage. How about suing Sony over the Play Station?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why did I sign that petition again?

Urban Elephants is pointing out that Capital Confidential is reporting that KT McFarland’s camp is planning on filing their petitions to get KT on the “Jobs and Security Party” for the November election so she can run for Senate no matter what happens in the Primary.

As of right now I hope I didn’t make a mistake in signing that petition. If KT was to loose the primary I would hope that she would just bail out. Hillary is expected to win come November anyway and having two Republicans on the ballot will make the probability of defeating Hillary at about the same odds of winning Mega Millions.

Where I would not regret signing the petition is if she won the primary and sat on an extra line on Election Day. Though I don’t think it would make a big difference, the title “Jobs and Security” could get KT some extra votes.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The problem with upstate New York is not because of who’s in office, it’s because it’s upstate New York:

Every major election cycle New Yorkers are subject to politicians complaining about the gradual decline of upstate New York and how if elected this time will be different. This unfortunately is just wishful thinking and voting for a candidate because they say they can fix the problem will only set you up for disappointment later.

What makes upstate a problem is also what makes the United States the most prosperous and efficient developed nation in the world. Many times I have referred to Adam Smith’s, “the invisible hand”, when it comes to explaining markets and upstate is no different.

Its entrepreneur’s and risk takers that decide the economic growth in this country. These individuals, groups and companies do not discriminate when it comes to finding opportunities to make a great return on their investment and will start up businesses and make investments anywhere it makes sense. That is why New York City is what it is.

New Yorkers just have to face the fact that upstate New York’s problems are telling us that Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” no longer finds opportunity in that part of the state. Whether it’s location, skilled labor or any other reason, risk takers and entrepreneurs don’t see a place to make money. This is why Pataki’s move to give tax breaks to AMD to build a plant was necessary in an attempt to get something going. It gave that region of the State an immediate “comparative advantage”, to take a term from my other favorite classical economist David Ricardo, where it now made sense for someone to take a risk.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Kids will be kids:

Earlier today KT McFarland temporarily suspended her run for Senate after her daughter Camilla was picked up shoplifting on Saturday. This is horrible news for any caring parent not to mention one in the middle of a heated primary.

As a parent and former New York City teenager I can attest to the fact that you can never be surprised at what kids are going to do. Even under the best environment kids will do stupid things. Hopefully Camilla will embrace her family and realize not only the error of her ways but the unbelievable chance she has in life thanks to her parents.

Why should New Yorkers vote for a Party that can’t tell me what they stand for?

Today with the New York State Republican Party in the news I thought I would take a stroll over to their website. It has all your normal links but one stood out the most, “Why be Republican”. When you click on the link it gives you a laundry list of reasons each starting with the phrase, “I believe”, counting 15 in total.

Reading each one was a refreshing reminder why I’m a Republican and why everyone else should vote republican as well. Then I paused and thought to myself, “what could Democrats say as reasons to vote Democrat, that could counter this list”? So I jumped on over to the New York State Democrat Party website to see why someone should be a Democrat.

After clicking on all the links to my surprise there was not one page informing people about the Democrat Party and why you should vote Democrat. Then I thought harder and figured it made sense because there is no reason to vote Democrat because they have nothing to stand on. What the site did have was a page on things Republicans failed on in NY. But is that really productive? Are Democrats saying they are perfect and do people expect Republicans to be? To fail at things is human and is only bad when you don’t learn from them. For instance Republicans have learned from the terrorist attacks since the first WTC bombing in 1993 while Democrats have not still thinking appeasement is the answer. Also Republicans have learned that tax cuts stimulate an economy, Democrats still ignore the data. I say he who has not sinned should cast the first stone.

Getting back to my original point, I find it no coincidence or accident that the Democrats State Party can’t give me one reason to vote Democrat other than a silly quote taken out of context about John Faso.

Here is the Republican’s list of why you should be Republican right from their site. I would put up the Democrats list but they don’t have one.

Why Am I A Republican?

I believe in the promise of America and the goodness of the American people.

I believe that the roots of our society are found in strong families, personal faith, solid communities, and love of country.

I believe that our flag, the "Stars and Stripes", is a true and unique symbol of the pride and patriotism Americans share in their beloved nation.

I believe that America is still the "shining city on a hill", and represents the dreams and aspirations of current and future generations of American citizens.
I believe that our government is best when it is closest to the people that it serves.

I believe that government and governmental programs should be efficient, and provide full accountability for the practices and policies it's leaders propose and implement.

I believe in the spirit of free enterprise, in which capitalism is the best means to keep our economy running strong, both now and in the future.

I believe that while government can and should be the provider of some essential services, it should function with limited taxation, financial efficiency and the adoption of innovations to allow taxpayers to get the most for their hard-earned tax dollars.

I believe that America's military is the most powerful military force in the world, and that our brave men and women who serve our nation deserve the respect and admiration a grateful nation can only bestow.

I believe that governments first and foremost responsibility is the providing of safety and security to our citizens.

I believe that the rights of law-abiding citizens should outweigh the rights of criminals and that the enforcement of existing laws, combined with the addition of innovative, common-sense policies, is the best means of furthering a civil society.

I believe that our natural environment is a precious resource for all humankind, and that citizens and government should work together to implement common-sense policies that allow for both environmental protection and economic growth.

I believe that in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, all persons are created equal, and that I oppose discrimination in any form, against any person, and for any reason.

I believe in an inclusive political party, a party with a "big tent" approach where I am encouraged to share my beliefs and to disagree with those who share opposing viewpoints.

I believe that Republican Party leaders and officials have brought needed change to New York State and I agree that supporting their efforts is the best way to ensure a brighter future for many years to come.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

So would this mean the country is getting more conservative?

We have all read the articles and heard the comments from both the Democrat Party and the media how the victory by Ned Lamont in the Connecticut primary is a signal that the American public is tired of Republicans and want change.

Currently though there is another primary battle going on that contradicts the Democrats argument. On September 12th Republicans in Rhode Island will be going to the polls to decide whether they want to keep their State’s current incumbent Senator, Lincoln Chafee, or vote in a new Republican, Steve Laffey.

Chafee is at risk of loosing his seat after voting with Democrats in the Senate one to many times. He voted against the war in Iraq, against Samuel Alito and more importantly against the Presidents overwhelmingly successful tax cuts. Looking at his record, Lincoln Chafee is more of a Democrat then Joe Lieberman is a Republican.

If Chafee were to go the way of Joe Lieberman and lose the primary, which is a good possibility, what would be the new message to America? For me it would only continue to support my view that the country isn’t becoming more moderate but instead galvanized with their respective parties.

I continue to support my call that come November Republicans will continue to hold the House and Senate, though numbers may change slightly, the revolution Democrats are predicting is not going to happen. The country has become even more entrenched into their respective parties then 2004 which is a good thing for Republicans. Despite the Michael Moore and rest of the hard lefts attempt to turn the tide in 2004, Republicans showed when committed our numbers are larger and stronger than any 18-24 year old, no responsibilities, living off their parents hard work, reading the DailyKos that Democrats can throw at us. Bush’s several million vote victory in 2004 proved that and primaries like Connecticut’s and Rhode Island’s are clues that November 2006 will be no different despite the liberal medias attempt to make us think it will.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Faso Offensive:

Give it to John Faso. Knowing his war against Elliot Spitzer is not going to come easy, John Faso has been on one hell of an offensive.

It seems everyday Faso has another release attacking Elliot Spitzer. A visit to John Faso’s website will give you a treasure-trove of challenges to Elliot Spitzer and actual ideas on how John would handle the State’s problems.

In John’s latest strike he put out a release attacking Spitzer’s PR stunt at the expense of the New York taxpayer to go after the former Chairmen of the NY Stock Exchange Dick Grasso. As Faso puts it:

“From day one, this whole case has been more of a taxpayer-funded public relations campaign for Mr. Spitzer than a lawsuit on behalf of the public interest…Taxpayers won’t see a dime from this headline-grabber, but they will pay for years of legal maneuvering and litigation by the Attorney General’s office.”

Since the beginning Spitzer has been protected by his army called the NY Press with its field commander the New York Times. Spitzer can hide behind the walls of his castle for only so long before he eventually has to come out and respond to Faso’s challenges and showing New Yorkers his plan for the State. Up until now everything from Spitzer, including on his website, is just what he thinks the problems are not what he would do to tackle them.

As of now Faso may be down but he’s looking good. It’s only a matter of time before Spitzer’s walls are breached and the sacking of Spitzer begins.

The New York Sun:

I have always said if you’re going to buy a paper to get local news, your only choice should be the New York Sun. The Sun cuts out all the fat choosing to focus on what actually shapes politics, business and life in this city compared to the tabloids who want to sell junk and celebrity gossip. The only knock on the Sun could be that they don’t have a huge sports section, sports section yes, huge no. However if you’re that much into sports you’re probably getting your info from better sources like the Internet.

I bring up the Sun because today I made my daily stop at the newsstand in the Met Life building attached to Grand Central to purchase my copy. Thy guy behind the counter knowing exactly what I’m going to grab told me:

“The New York Sun is a good paper”. “We’re selling more and more everyday”.

I’m definitely happy to hear New Yorkers are catching on. Now if we can only get them to throw out their New York Times for the Financial Times.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mike Wallace, take note:

I just watched a clip on Fox News while sitting in my office that was great. It was an interview that Shepard Smith had with the President of Lebanon Emile Lahoud.

Shepard Smith like a true journalist didn’t throw softballs at Emile, he threw Katyusha rockets! Seeing Emile attack Israel’s response Shepard challenged him by taking the other side. Instead of rolling over Shepard repeatedly asked him to condemn and acknowledge the kidnapping of two Israel soldiers and the firing of rockets into Israel that even killed Arabs.

Emile kept ducking but Shep kept coming. The interview cut off after technical difficulties. I can’t wait to see the rest.

Somebody tell Mike Wallace that’s how you don’t roll over during an interview.

It truly is no child left behind

The independent ACT who administer the college entrance exam for 1.2 million high school seniors, has announced fantastic results for the class of 2006.

The organization’s statistics show that the class of 2006 had the biggest score increase in 20 years! It also announced that the students recorded the highest score since 1991!

Hmm. So Bill Clinton comes into office in 1993 and ACT scores can’t surpass the scores when Bush Sr. was in office with scores actually declining. Then George W. Bush comes into office and scores increase hitting their highest level since his dad was President.

Why do we want to vote in Democrats again?

Forget terrorism, we can’t trust Democrats for another reason.

Watching Democrats demolish Joe Lieberman and Al Gore becoming the new Howard Dean I’ve become even more convinced that voting Democrat is not a good idea.

Only six years ago these two guys were the darlings of the Democrat Party. Democrats were telling America these two guys are top notch and could be trusted to lead this country. Now six years later, which still would have covered their full term if reelected, Democrats are telling America they were wrong.

Between the abandonment of Lieberman and Al Gore going borderline weird, makes me wonder what Democrats were thinking in 2000 when these two guys had their full support.

If Democrats are telling us they made a bad call then what makes America think they won’t make a bad call in the future? Then again the fact that they made Howard Dean the head of the DNC makes me think they continue to have a lapse in judgment.

Care Package for the Troops

We will be collecting donations at our August Meeting for a care package to send to the troops in September. The theme is Campers Delight (sunblock, trail mix, bug spray, Gatorade mix etc). Some of the most commonly requested items are:
Beef Jerky
Drink Mixes (crystal light, Gatorade)
Lip Balm
Trail Mix
Granola bars

Donations can be brought to the monthly meetings or arranged through the committee. Please email the committee at with any questions or to schedule a pick-up.

Our August General Monthly Meeting, with Special Guest Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, will be held Thursday, August 17th, at the Union League Club, 38 East 37th Street, between Park & Madison Avenues. Please RSVP: RSVP@NYYRC.COM. This event is closed to the press.

Business Attire Required, check your coats at the door and please turn off cell phones.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey M.A.C.--Check out my lips!!

My daily scroll through both The Corner and Drudge brought me to a link to the M.A.C. (Make-up Art Cosmetics) website. M.A.C. has always been known to be cutting edge, fashion forward, and a mouthpiece for liberal social causes. I admit, I've bought M.A.C. products. Having worked in the prestige cosmetics industry and with makeup artists, I can't deny it's a great product. And, let's face it--survival in NYC would be very difficult if I let my personal political beliefs guide my shopping habits(except when it comes to anything French, of course. Not a penny out of Gail Allen's hard-earned pay will go towards the cheese-eating surrender monkeys.) and I have yet to see a W Ketchup equivalent emerge in the fashion industry.

I avoid certain designers and brands when they are blatant about their politics, like Marc Jacobs. But M.A.C. has now taken the cake. They have an ad up on their site (to which I am not going to link b/c I don't want to give them the satisfaction of getting more hits) with a commerical featuring Sandra Bernhard spewing verbal diarrhea about lips, including this: "Here's some little freaked-out, intimidated, frightened-little-right-wing, Republican, thin-lipped b!tch..."

Have a look here and here Sandra. See any freaked-out, intimidated thin lips? Nope. But you do see a bunch of smart, attractive, successful, confident, and intimidating ladies. And we are ladies, because we have class. Unlike you, and unlike M.A.C. And that intimidates you, doesn't it? And that's why you have to shoot your mouth off and make a fool of yourself.

Ladies, there are plenty of hot cosmetics out there that don't need to stand for "issues" to get our money. For crying out loud, it's fashion, not international relations. The Estee Lauder Companies, parent of M.A.C., should be ashamed. (while you're at it, boycott them, too. They make a crap product.)

Thursday’s Meeting:

By now you’re aware that Ken Mehlman will be our guest speaker for this months meeting at the Union League. Turnout is going to be large so make sure you get there on time as everyone needs to be signed in.

Besides Mr. Mehlman we have coordinated with a large number of the campaigns to use this Thursday’s meeting as an opportunity to reach out to supporters. Tables will be set up in the back for each campaign so guests can feel free to grab literature, sign up to help on a campaign of their choosing or to just ask questions.

It’s going to be a great meeting so come on down.

Also business attire is required!!! The Union League is an historic club and the dress code is taken seriously. You will not be allowed in if you’re not properly dressed.

Thursday - August 17, 2006
The Union League Club
38 East 37th Street - btwn Park & Madison Avenues

Meeting starts at 7:00 PM

So why is next time around going to be different?

It’s no secrete that Democrats have been trying to convince the American public that come November they should vote Democrat because they would do a better job against terrorism. One of the arguments that they’re using is that George Bush has still not been able to get Bin Laden. I don’t know about you but I find this argument hysterical!

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t their this great Democrat in power from 1993-2001 called Bill Clinton who had eight years and countless warnings that he should get Bin Laden and didn't? Lets see, first WTC bombing, two embassy bombings, U.S. Cole, yet Bill and the gang let Bin Laden go without any answer other than to bomb a Chinese embassy and a pharmaceutical factory. Yeah I can’t wait for Democrats to take power again.

I shouldn’t beat up on Bill Clinton too much when it comes to national security. After all lets remember he was really successful in steamrolling a building in Texas killing everyone inside including women and children. I mean that was huge, it’s no telling what those people would have done if Bill and Reno didn’t slaughter them. Also don’t forget little Elian Gonzales. That raid on a little boy and his family with machine guns was a big victory in the war on terror and push for democracy around the world. I think Democrats would agree that if we didn’t send that boy back to Cuba he would be plotting against us as we speak.

Monday, August 14, 2006

August Meeting Reminder

The NYYRC is proud to welcome Special Guest
Republican National Committee
Chairman Ken Mehlman
To Our August General Monthly Meeting
Thursday - August 17, 2006
The Union League Club
38 East 37th Street - btwn Park & Madison Avenues

Meeting starts promptly at 7 pm and we'd like to give Chairman Mehlman a big NYC GOP welcome as we gear up for a final election push!

NYYRC meetings are free & open to the public. This event is closed to the press.

RSVP Required to Attend: RSVP@NYYRC.COM

Business Attire Required
Please turn off cell phones upon entry.

Keeping voters in the dark:

As you know from time to time I like to post a box score on how our New York Congressmen and Senators are voting on certain issues. I make a point to see how our representatives are voting on a daily basis so I can stay better informed about who is earning their paycheck from the taxpayers.

What I want to know is why do I have to go search for this information? Why do our newspapers love to give us hundreds of stats of our favorite sports teams and players so we can see if they’re earning their checks but when it comes to something as important as our representatives track record their stats are no where to be found? It’s sad that I can tell you more about the horses running at Belmont on a daily basis than what my rep was doing in Washington the day before.

Doesn’t the NY Times, NY Post, NY Sun, Observer or anyone else who likes to write about politics think it would be a service to the voter to have a page dedicated to the representatives of this state with the name of the bill, a brief description, the name of the rep and whether they voted nay, yea or not at all. As a bonus to the people of this state they could even do something crazy like actually ask our rep why they voted the way they did for a certain issue. I mean if a sports reporter can get a quote out of Alex Rodriguez about what he was thinking when he hit a double down the line I would think some highly educated journalist could ask our reps about what they were thinking when they say, voted against renewing the Patriot Act.

I would be interested in starting a campaign to get our papers to start giving us the real statistics we need to know if these people are earning their pay. After all if you don’t know their records how can you make an informed decision? If anyone has a suggestions on how to push the issue, make a comment. Or if someone at one of the papers is reading this, take the idea to your boss on me.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

More proof tax cuts work:

This week the Treasury Department released its latest figures on income tax receipts for the government.

Through July of 2006 individual income-tax receipts totaled $866.56 billion up from $756.13 billion last year.

Corporate income taxes totaled $261.25 billion up from $205.9 billion last year.

So despite the “tax-cuts for the rich” the government is actually taking in more money. Funny how that works? Cut taxes and the government makes more. Could it be that the American public actually is more productive and efficient at spending their own money than the U.S. government, leading to a higher realized gain in the form of GDP?

Friday, August 11, 2006

At least he practices what he votes:

So I’m looking at my last post (see below) on the US Patriot Act Reauthorization Bill and I’m sick that my Congressman Democrat Gary Ackerman voted against reauthorizing the bill.

As an exercise I went to his website betting that I would find something about how he’s for strong security. I thought I was going to catch this guy saying one thing and voting another.

To my surprise the word security doesn’t even show up. Under his “Current Issues” link he has everything but security as an important issue.

Animal Rights, on there, Security, who needs it.

USA Patriot Act Reauthorization reminder:

With the talk of major terrorist attacks on the front page of every paper and the news that British police captured these people after a year long surveillance operation, I thought as New Yorkers in the line of fire we should revisit the Patriot Act.

If you remember back in March of this year Washington was in full debate over whether or not to renew the Patriot Act that has been successful in preventing further attacks. Fortunately the Patriot Act was reauthorized but not with the help of most Democrats who voted against it.

With what’s going on in London and Democrat’s staunch opposition earlier this year against the Act that helps prevent these attacks, how is America suppose to feel safe with Democrats in power come November?

The proof is in the pudding. Here is how your New York Congressmen voted on the Patriot Act Reauthorization bill. Funny how the State with the most risk of being attacked had most of its Democrat representatives against protecting us.

How the U.S. House from New York voted: voted

• Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-5) N
• Rep. Tim Bishop (D-1) Y
• Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R-24) Y
• Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-7) N
• Rep. Eliot Engel (D-17) N
• Rep. Vito Fossella (R-13) Y
• Rep. Brian Higgins (D-27) Y
• Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-22) N
• Rep. Steve Israel (D-2) Y
• Rep. Sue Kelly (R-19) Y
• Rep. Peter King (R-3) Y
• Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-29) Y
• Rep. Nita Lowey (D-18) N
• Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-14) N
• Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-4) Y
• Rep. John McHugh (R-23) Y
• Rep. Michael McNulty (D-21) N
• Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-6) NV
• Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-8) N
• Rep. Major Owens (D-11) N
• Rep. Charles Rangel (D-15) N
• Rep. Thomas Reynolds (R-26) Y
• Rep. Jose Serrano (D-16) N
• Rep. Louise McIntosh Slaughter (D-28) N
• Rep. John Sweeney (R-20) NV
• Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-10) N
• Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-12) N
• Rep. James Walsh (R-25) Y
• Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-9) N

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where’s the antiterrorism surveillance camp?

In light of the foiled plot to blow up airliners on their way to the U.S., I would like to know where the antiterrorism surveillance camp of the liberal left and ACLU are?

I would have surely thought that they would have used today’s news to continue their argument that the idea of another attack is an exaggeration by the Republican Party to keep Americans scared.

Thank God we have the liberal left and ACLU here to make sure the government has as hard a time as possible to find these guys.

Now if we can just get Ned Lamont elected it will all just be ok.

When will the media stop trying to convince us that Democrats will retake Washington?

Since the 2000 election the majority of the U.S. mainstream media has been trying to unsuccessfully convince the American public that Democrats were going to be in charge in Washington.

During the 2000 election the media tried to convince us that Al Gore was going to win and then after the election attempted to convince us that Al Gore did win. For the record recounts in Florida by every major newspaper after the Supreme Court decision showed that George Bush was the actual victor.

During the 2002 midterm elections the media once again pushed a new story that the midterm elections were a referendum on the 2000 Presidential election. The media wanted us to believe that Democrats would regain control based on anger that George Bush stole the election. The result was another defeat for the liberal media as Republicans only increased their majority.

Then in 2004 the media attempted to pull out all the stops by playing the Iraq card and how it was a huge mistake ruining our reputation with the world and that only a Democrat could save face. Their polls had Kerry all the way and even stooped as low as to claim that exit polling the day of the election had George Bush and Republicans going down in defeat. That was until the numbers actually came out and the referendum was on Democrats and their mainstream media allies who saw President Bush win with the largest number of votes ever and Republicans still in control of the House and Senate.

Despite all these failures and the fact that the American public is onto them, the media is at it again calling for a changing of the guard. Their still trumpeting the Iraq card and how this time they really, really, really are positive Republicans will go down.

The truth is this attempt by the media to make American’s think they’re alone in supporting Republicans, attempting to shame you into voting Democrat because that is what everyone else is doing is not going to work. After years of being wrong, the majority of the American public knows where the New York Times and CNN are coming from and the not so secrete agenda they throw at us every two years. The makeup of this country has over 50% of the voting public (which doesn’t include Connecticut) believing in the basic principles and ideas of the Republican Party. We’ve seen this trend grow while President Clinton (who was more of a conservative then liberal in my book) was in office and continue up to today where despite Iraq and it’s problems things have not changed. So the New York Times and the Democrat Party can keep their Howard Dean and Ned Lamont because come November we’ll be keeping Washington the way the majority of American’s want it. Oh and Joe Lieberman will be there with us as an independent.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Global Warming or just part of a normal pattern?

Today’s New York Sun has an interesting article about last month’s heat wave. What was interesting is that the article stated how “July 2006 is still second to July 1936”.

I’m just going to go out on a limb and guess that in 1936 there wasn’t any global warming. So the question is if the 120+ degree temperature experienced in 1936 wasn’t global warming, why should I believe that the heat wave of today is because of global warming and not just a normal change in weather patterns?

Open letter to the left wing of the Democrat Party:

Dear left wing,

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Republicans everywhere to thank you for the hard work you put into assuring the victory of Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democrat Primary. The benefits the Republican Party will gain from your decision to disrespect and outcast a great American in Joe Lieberman will last into the next decade.

Maybe it was Senator Lieberman’s stance as someone who put America first, the reason behind his assassination. This would make sense since Ned Lamont represents the section of the Democrat Party that believes in burning the American Flag, the Pledge of Allegiance is evil and that anyone who prays to God is not human.

I want to thank you for ensuring that come November Democrats will have one less seat in the Senate as Joe Lieberman will be the Senator from Connecticut as an Independent since at that point all the sensible people in Connecticut will get to vote.

I want to thank you for making sure all those independent and moderate voters will continue to vote Republican as they have for the last 10 years. This is based on the obvious message that was sent to America last night that the Democrat Party does not have room for moderate thinking. After all, if the Democrat party doesn’t have room for a moderate Joe Lieberman how can a moderate America expected to be properly represented by a Democrat Party?

Most of all I want to thank you for giving the Republican Party the issue it needed to ensure that those 5 million Evangelical Christians that gave George Bush the largest vote count in history in 2004 will come out again in November. In 2004 they came out in droves to make sure a Republican picked the next Supreme Court. This year I was concerned that those 5 million didn’t have a good enough reason to vote until last night when you gave us the gift of Ned Lamont and the fear of what America will become if they stay home.

Tremendous amount of thanks,

Republicans Everywhere

Monday, August 07, 2006

How does the Daily Kos think Bill Clinton is a "great Democrat”?

Ok so this morning I’m on that “progressive” (you say progressive I say socialist) website the famous DailyKos and they have a thread that claims Bill Clinton was a great Democrat.

I don’t understand how a self proclaimed liberal website that has placed all it’s efforts into making sure moderate Democrat Joe Lieberman is not reelected can claim Bill Clinton was great.

The Bill Clinton that lay siege to a building in Wacko Texas and steamrolled it with a tank killing everyone inside.

The Bill Clinton that signed the Sanctity of Marriage Act defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The Bill Clinton that signed NAFTA.

The Bill Clinton that signed welfare reform.

The Bill Clinton who sent U.S. troops to more places than George Bush.

The Bill Clinton that bombed a Chinese Embassy (and Donald Rumsfeld is a screw-up)

The Bill Clinton that snatched little Elian Gonzales at gunpoint to send him pack to repressive Cuba.

The Bill Clinton that bombed Iraq on a daily basis. (Sure he didn’t send in troops but what’s the difference if you’re bombing them to hell everyday anyway)

The Daily Kos needs to be honest. You can’t attack Joe Lieberman on one thread and then say Bill Clinton is great on the next. They’re both moderates!

Keeping it real:

One of the big campaign issues Democrats have been pulling out of their hats besides the Iraq war has been America’s growing trade deficit and funneling of low skilled jobs offshore. American’s though need to get a refresher in recent history so they don’t fall into the Democrats trap into thinking a) that trade deficits are bad and b) that it’s President Bush’s fault. The reason is the real person responsible for our trade deficit is Bill Clinton.

If Americans recall, when Bill Clinton came into office in 1993 America was coming out of a recession and had a trade deficit of basically zero. Bill Clinton in an effort to stimulate the economy adopted his famous strong dollar policy behind his then Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. The strong dollar policy gave foreign countries a distinct comparative advantage over a number of low skill manufactured goods. This led to an influx in cheap products into America, which led to a consumer driven boom and consequently a trade deficit that continues to grow today.

American’s should also recall that during Bill Clinton’s Presidency there was a number of times that the market had gotten concerned that Clinton would abandon the policy, which led Robert Rubin to come out and defend Bill’s strong dollar policy reassuring the markets that President Clinton still believed.

My point is not that a strong dollar or trade deficits are bad. I have always argued that there is no statistical evidence that a trade deficit is bad for an economy. On the contrary statistical analysis has shown that countries with trade deficits like the U.S., Spain and Australia have faster growing economies than those with large trade surpluses like Germany and Japan. Actually if American’s think harder they’ll remember that the U.S. recession in the early 1990’s was a time when our trade deficit was non existent. American’s including Republicans should take this evidence and call out Democrats on their misleading campaign.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Can I get a witness?

With Senator Clinton clearly in the drivers seat for reelection in November, I have a question I would like to ask anyone reading this, especially Democrat’s and the media who says she’s doing a great job.

I would like to think that someone deserves to be reelected if they do something productive. Other than strong words into a microphone about the current administration what has Hillary Clinton done for New York in the last six years?

Somebody, anybody, please tell me one piece of major legislation that she authored and passed?

Please show me one dollar of pork (remember it’s not pork if it’s for your state) that she secured for the state of New York?

Can someone please point to something other than using her Senator seat for free press that she has accomplished for this state?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Does Hillary Clinton believe in the role of a parent?

On July 25th the Senate passed a bill that would prohibit the taking of minors across state lines to circumvent laws in states that requires parents be notified when their child is having an abortion. Hillary Clinton in all her wisdom voted against the bill.

I have several issues with her vote and will ask some questions that our NY media doesn’t have the guts to ask her.

1) Does Hillary Clinton believe that parents do not have the right to know when their daughters are about to undergo a medical surgery procedure?

2) Does Hillary Clinton feel that states that pass laws saying parents need to be involved can and should be ignored because she says so?

3) Who does Hillary Clinton think should be legally responsible if a child experiences complications during her abortion procedure after being taken across state lines to a state that allows abortions without parental notification?

4) Should the parent be allowed to sue Hillary Clinton because she supported it?

5) My biggest problem though is the NY media giving Hillary Clinton a free ride on the issue. Supporting abortion is one thing but encouraging children to go behind their parent’s backs is reckless and dangerous.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Can I get that in writing?

I just got an update from Crain’s that said Charley Rangel is so confident that the Democrats will retake the House this year that if they don’t he’ll retire.

Anybody that has been reading this blog knows that I have been predicting that there is no way the Democrats are going to retake the house. They couldn’t even win an open seat in California last month in a state that is a Democrat stronghold and in a district where the prior Republican Rep was forced out of office.

Someone get Mr. Rangel an AARP application.

So, the Democrats have to steal an idea

to get one. They started up the "FudgeReport" ( to "serve as a central depot for people to access information and news coverage about GOP Senate candidates".

As one commentor put it, "Where on the FudgeReport can I find the copy of Michael Steele's credit report?"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is the New York Post kidding me?

I’m walking past the newsstand this morning when I look at the headlines and see the New York Post has Mel Gibson on its cover.

Mel Gibson! With all the things happening in the world, they chose Mel Gibson as the number one story!

Talk about the dummying down of America.